My talk with the Lord/ Nov 05, 1998

His Voice!

Lord are You out there, in that endless sky,
I want to hear Your voice Lord, just once before I die

The world thinks I'm crazy, You'll never answer a sinner like me,
But I know You love me, even though my sins try to bury me

Mankind tells me I'm just confused, there is no such heavenly voice,
but Lord I will keep searching, fore loving You is my only choice

My heart tells me just keep looking, follow the love in my life,
I will surely find You, fore You will not pass me by

My life seemed to have no value, fore it will all soon pass away,
I had to come to this lonely valley, to finally hear You say

I've loved you child from the beginning, I've always been right here,
It was Me who loved and guided you, through all those lonely years

Oh Lord I hear You now, yes you've always been at my side,
It was You all along who lead me, out of life's darkness and strife

Your voice was there within me, I just didn't know it was You,
You lead me through the valleys, and now homeward I go to You

I thought my life was useless, I had done nothing but wrong,
But you came down and chose me, and said to You I now belong

Gentle quiet voice I still hear You, I know to whom You belong,
It's Jesus Christ within me, and I now stand before His throne.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

God knows how hard it is for us to hear His voice at times, but in His great wisdom, He will send a Christian brother or sister to us to speak plainly what He has been trying to tell our hearts. That is now our jobs as followers of Christ, to be His word to others until they too feel the glory of God fill their souls with His loving "still small voice".

Jesus tells us in the Bible, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" (John 10: 27). In this verse, Jesus is also telling us that not everyone will answer when He calls, and no matter how sad that may seem, that is the way it will be. We need to remember that God has given us freedom to make our own choice as to which path we will follow, and to whose voice we will listen. In a sense we are like "mini gods", knowing the difference between good and evil, but we can only be allowed to survive if we choose good over evil. All of us will hear God's voice, but few will heed the warnings because we have no fear of God, and we cannot accept anything greater than ourselves. As long as we keep putting our own personal pleasures above our love for God, there is little hope that we will ever recognize who is calling us.

I love You Lord.

joe sizemore,
Nov. 05, 1998

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