My talk with the Lord - - revised May 21, 2008

The Seven Pillars of Islamic Deception!

- - - - - - - Deceptive Pillars Answered- - - - - - -
(1) Islam is a loving religion.

(2) The Quran is the words of Allah, and it was given in perfect Arabic.

(3) The Quran has not changed!

(4) Someone has changed the Bible.

(5) Jesus did not die on the cross!

(6) Mohammed was a prophet!

(7) Science proves the Quran is the word of Allah!

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The First Islamic Pillar of Deception,

Is that Islam is a loving religion.

The history of Islam does not support the reality of a loving religion because there have been wars and killing throughout Islam's history. In fact Islam can only exist through terrorizing its followers and anyone else who rejects it. Muslims are told the Quran is the absolute word of Allah and demands they kill anyone who openly questions the Quran or Mohammed. They have no choice as there is no free speech, free will, or free thought allowed within Islam. The Quran with all its deficiencies rules with a deadly and unforgiving fist.

The Two Faces of Islam
One of the major deceptions within Islam is that the Quran presents two different faces; one says “Peace be upon you” and the others says “Cut off their heads”. These faces cannot be separated as they are two sides of the same body called Islam. Another way to understand the deceptions of Islam is seen in a two headed snake; while one head tries to charm you, the other bytes you with its poison teeth. It is the body of Islam which hides behind the two headed beast to deceive us and must be destroyed before love and peace can ever rule in the hearts of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

The more loving face of the two headed beast is presented to those who submit to Mohammed and his pagan Allah, while the terrorizing face is directed toward anyone who questions or rejects Mohammed's words. When reading the Quran one must remember that Mohammed’s earlier revelations are often replaced by later ones. This occurs when Mohammed changes, or forgets a previous revelation. In either case Muslims must ignore the first revelation and follow only the second or last on any subject. No other prophet ever changed or forgot what God has told him to say, but Mohammed does as it suits him at the time. This is key in understanding the impact of the two faces of the beast, and why there is so must misinformation, confusion, and fighting in the Islamic world.

Love or Terror
The second terrorizing face of Islam reflects Mohammed's final revelations. This is the reason for much of the confusion within Islam as Muslims will quote you the more loving verses of the earlier revelations while ignoring the fact that Mohammed has changed them with the most evil and terrorizing words possible. The other thing one must be aware of is that the revelations in the present Quran are not in the sequence in which they were given to Mohammed which is another way to deceive us. However the Islamic fundamentalists know this well and they are condemned to hell by the Quran if they do not follow the last revelations.

Always remember Muslims will only quote you the earlier revelations when trying to convince you Islam is a loving religion, but if this is true, why are they killing their own brothers and sisters in the name of Allah? Where does this murderess rage come from? How can such killing be justified by any loving religion? We must also remember that the truth never needs to be changed, so why did Mohammed's Allah not know what He wanted to say in his first revelation to Mohammed? Why did Allah create such confusion? Here is how Mohammed justifies changing Allah’s revelations;

Justification for changing his Revelations
Quran (Surah 2-:106 Such of Our revelations as We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, we bring (in place) one better or the like thereof. Knowest thou not that Allah is Able to do all things?)
But this overlooks (Surah 6-:34) where it says; “There is none to alter the decisions of Allah“.

So how can Mohammed alter or “cause to be forgotten” Allah unchangeable words? The following provides some understanding to Mohammed's confusion.

1. "Once the Prophet was bewitched so that he began to imagine that he had done a thing which in fact he had not done." Volume 4, Book 53, Number400, Narrated Aisha.

Many of Mohammed’s first revelations tell us the Christians and Jews are God's wonderful people;
(Surah 10:94 And if thou (Muhammad) art in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto thee, then question those (Christians & Jews) who read the Scripture (that was) before thee. Verily the Truth from thy Lord hath come unto thee. So be not thou of the waverers.

But these are quickly replaced by revelations of hate and killing of the Christians and Jews.

(Surah 4:89) They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks;

(Quran 8.12} I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them,

Look how Mohammed boasts of his terrorizing religion;
Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220: "Allah's Apostle said, ˜I have been made victorious with terror. The treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.'"

Also note that it is not saving souls which Mohammed seeks, but "Treasures of the world".

As we can see, the Quran is truly a two edge sword; the dull edge says “Peace be upon you" and the sharp edge says “cuts off their heads”. The last revelations tell them to "cut off their heads". So now we can understand why the true Muslims cut off the heads of the innocent on TV, while praising Allah all the time! They are good Muslims, but follow the evil false words of the Quran! Without quoting many other verses of hate for the Jews, Christians, and Pagans in the Quran, it is difficult to understand how anyone could rationally call Islam a peaceful loving religion.

Don't talk with Christians and Jews
Since Muslims cannot associate with two thirds of the world's population (Christians, Jews & Pagans), they must remain isolated to be controlled by the Islamic government. How can Islam be loving religion when you are taught to hate and reject most of the world? Jesus said,

(1 John 2:9) Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. The Bible also tells us, “a fountain cannot poor forth both sweet and salt water”. Murder and love can never come from a loving heart!

The Quran tell us Mohammed gave non-Muslims three choices; (1) Convert to Islam, (2) Pay the new Islamic tax, or (3) be killed. Mohammed would sell his convictions for money, his mercy could be purchased. Jesus tells us that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Mohammed accepts evil for his mercy. No money, no mercy! The Quran has not changed from this position.

Jesus said; (1 Timothy 6:10) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

The Islamic Government
We must never forget that Islam is a political system just like Capitalism, or Communism, and not just a religion. It hides behind the word religion but is filled with rituals (laws) to control the masses and to maintain it's political structure. They are afraid that if you have non Muslims friends, you might start questioning the policies of the Islamic system, and you will see that Islam is based upon falsehoods and evil. Therefore Muslims are not allowed to have friends with non-believers. They are not allowed to hear the truth! Hitler did the same in Germany, only he called them "anti social" as Mohammed called them unbelievers. Either way, they murdered them all.

Accept Islam or Die!
The Quran tells Muslims to kill the unbelievers wherever they find them (Surah 2.191), murder them and treat them harshly (Surah 9:123), slay them (Surah 9.5), fight with them (Surah 8:65 ), strive against them with great endeavor (Surah 25.52), be stern with them because they belong to hell (Surah 66.9) to strike off their heads; then after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” for ransom (Surah 47.4).

I am reminded that the Bible foretold all of this - Genesis 16:12 And he (Ishmael) will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Father forgive them they know not what they do
Our Muslim brothers and sister need our prayers, that God will have mercy upon them and that they will shake off the deceit of the black evil beast of Islam. Pray that they will see that the God of light and love does not live in the black stone of Mecca and He is not the God of terror, indecision, and confusion.

Jesus said “Blessed are the Peace Makers, (Matthew 5:9). But Allah told Mohammed “Surah 9-29 Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture (Christians & Jews) as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger”.

Never be deceived, the pagan Allah who lives in the black Kabba of Mecca was never for one second the Holy God of Abraham, nor the Father of Jesus the Christ. It is the first and greatest lie of Islam to say Allah and Yahweh are one!

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The Second Islamic Pillar of Deception,

Is that the Quran is the words of Allah, and it was given in perfect Arabic, without errors, just as Mohammed received it from Allah.
- Not one word of the Quran was written by Allah, it is the total work of mortal men who claim to have been "inspired" by Allah, just as the Bible before it claims to be inspired by God almighty. Mohammed never saw the original Quran since it was not written until 650 A.D., approximately 18 years after his death in 632 A.D... The Quran tells us Mohammed could not read, so he could not have authenticated any written document. If anyone can show me one word written by Allah, I will convert to Islam today, but if they cannot then they should accept the fact that anyone who calls the Quran Allah's word, lies to themselves.

Surah 7:158 So believe in Allah and His messenger, the Prophet (Mohammed) who can neither read nor write, who believeth in Allah and in His words and follow him that haply ye may be led a right.

However this issue gets very confusing as the Quran then reverses itself!

Surah 87.6 We shall make the read (O Muhammad) so that thou shalt not forget. We also see here that Muhammad was forgetful and this is why he had to keep changing his revelations. Can you not see the deceptive nature of the Quran with its entangled lies?

But it becomes even more confusing in that the first Quran was not written in High Arabic at all, but in the local script dialect of the Hajaz region where Mohammed lived. It was Othman who first sequenced the verses of the Hajaz Quran and then translated it into High Arabic in 650 A.D... This was necessary so others outside the Hajaz region could read Mohammed's Quran. There are only a handful of people in the world today who can read the old Hajaz script. But it is even more proof that Mohammed could not have read the Arabic version of the Quran we have today. There was no Arabic version during Mohammed'd life!

The proof of this is documented in historical records and in the Islamic Hadiths. But physical proofs can be found in the fact that the oldest partial manuscripts of the Quran that we have today, (Sa'na manuscripts) is written in the local script dialect of the Hajaz region, and not in High Arabic. This is absolute proof that the Quran was not handed down in perfect Arabic as we have been told. The Sana Manuscripts also prove the Quran has been manipulated by men and not the words of any god. The Sana manuscripts have different chapters and verses than those in the present Uthman Quran. Also Uthman burned the first Othman Quran, and all the old manuscripts of the direct companions of Mohammed saying he did so because the old manuscripts had too many errors in them. He eliminated all witnesses to what the first Quran actually said. Even the Quran requires two to four witnesses for proof, but where are the proofs for the words of the Uthman Quran? Why did Uthman burn these old holy proofs of the direct companions of Mohammed? The answer is simple, all Muslims are deceived when they say the Quran was written by Allah in perfect High Arabic, and has never changed! Nothing but obvious deceptions!

As we can plainly see by the Sa’na manuscripts the Quran was never given in High Arabic, and Allah did not speak High Arabic. There is nothing special in the Arabic translation of the Quran even though it is often used as an excuse to hide the fact that no one can fully understand or translate the Quran. We are also told that you must speak Arabic to truly understand the Quran even though the Quran itself says that only Allah can fully understand the Quran. As if the God of all creations needed a human book to remember what he requires of us. Just think about it, Allah gives humans a book that they cannot understand. Total nonsense! The truth is simple, but the Quran is not. Muslims are taught to believe a lie!

The Sa'na Manuscripts were discovered in the ancient Great Mosque of Sa'na, Yemen, in 1972, when the building was being restored after heavy rainfall. They were hidden in the loft in a bundle of old parchment and paper documents. Some of the parchment pages dated from the seventh and eighth centuries. It proves the Quran was not originally written in High Arabic, and it is different from the Quran we have today, which also proves it has been manipulated. Those who say the Quran has never been changed lie to themselves.

As a final note, it is interesting that in 1972 God gave us this absolute proof that the Quran is based on deceptions and lies. God almighty has not left as alone to be at the mercy of the great deceiver, but He has given us His light of proof to shine upon the deceiver's lies. Thank you Father for showing us we are not alone.

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The Third Islamic Pillar of Deception,

Is that the Quran has not changed!
There is no proofs which tell us the quran has not changed, but factual evidence everywhere that the Quran has suffered many alterations. The first Quran to be translated by Othman into High Arabic was burned and destroyed under Uthman because of discrepancies.

Alhadis volume 3 page 708. - Then Uthman burned and destroyed complete manuscripts of the whole Quran copied out by Muhammad's immediate companions.

If Uthman didnot recompiled and burn the Quran as the Hadith claims (Bukhari I:63; IV:709: VI:507, 510), where are the old manuscripts of the direct companions of Mohammed, where is the manuscript evidence for this? Where are the original documents he collected? You can’t find any differences in the writings of Mohammed’s companions, because they are not here, Uthman burned them all. The old manuscripts didn’t present the story Uthman wanted to convey. He wanted no one to question his interpretation and myths in his Quran. If there had not been serious differences between them, why would anyone have destroyed such cherished copies of what all Muslims believe to be the revealed word of Allah?

You see it is another deception that the Quran has not changed, in fact it has been under continuous change to maintain the Arabic standard and to eliminate discrepancies. It was never Allah’s word, and doubtful that it was Mohammed's word either!

So which was the original Quran? Mohammed could not tell us today as he could not read the new Arabic versions of the Quran. The Quran condemns itself in the following Surah because it was never written by Allah!

(Surah 4:82) Will they not then ponder on the Qur'an? If it had been from other than Allah they would have found therein much incongruity.

The Quran is filled with incongruity as it was never written by Allah, and the above Surah only proves the Quran to be a false teacher.

Look at what the Encyclopedia has to say about the unchanged Ouran.
“Over against alternative versions, an authoritative one was organized and officially promulgated by the caliph Othman about 20 years after Mohammed’s death (in the early 650’s); this was technically improved by the Iraq governor al-Hajjaj about 30 years later and was gradually accepted throughout the Islamic community as normative. It was several centuries, however, before the Arabic script was gradually elaborated to its present precision; alternative “readings” have been recognized as legitimate, and also minor standard textual variations are preserved in the various manuscript traditions.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, Koran).

Look who changed the Quran “was technically improved by the Iraq governor al-Hajjaj about 30 years later “. What happened to Allah’s word?????

If the Quran has not changed, then why are there no photocopies of the old Quran manuscripts? Until now, there were three ancient copies of the Quran. One copy in the Library of Tashkent in Uzbekistan, and another in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, dated from the eighth century. Another copy is preserved in the British Library in London, known as the Ma'il manuscript, and dates from the late seventh century. But the Sa'na manuscripts are even older. Moreover, the Sa'na manuscripts are written in a script that originates from the Hijaz - the region of Arabia where the prophet Mohammed lived, and which makes them not only the oldest to have survived, but one of the earliest copies of the Quran ever. Why will they not let them be photocopied? Because they are different!

Satan comes with his deceiving words in the satanic verses of the Quran, to steal the hearts of the innocent, and to turn them away from their only way to safety through the Messiah, Jesus! But our Muslim brothers and sisters have been made to believe the deception that the Quran was written in High Arabic by Allah, and has never changed.
All untrue!!!!

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The Fourth Islamic Pillar of Deception,

Is that someone has changed the Bible.
Many Muslims quote the Epistle of Barnabas as some kind of proof that Jesus did not die on the cross, but they are quoting from a false manuscript which was written around 1400 - 1600 AD by Muslims. However, there is a real manuscript of Barnabas which dates back to the 1st century and it is only 35 chapters long. The Muslim version is much longer. Remember it is NOT part of the published Bible, but look at what it says about Jesus, the Son of God. It also proves the Bible has not changed because this is a separate old manuscript which agrees with the Bible! Only the Quran tries to change the Bible.

Barnabas 6:2 If therefore the Son of God, who is Lord of all, and shall come to judge both the quick and the dead, hath suffered, that by his stripes we might live: let us believe that the Son of God could not have suffered but for us. But being crucified, they gave him vinegar and gall to drink.

More proof that the Bible has Not Changed is found in the The Dead Sea Scrolls which where written in 300 BC - 68 AD, and are proof that the Old Testament books have not changed over the centuries. The Scrolls are the same as our Old Testament Bible, except for the book of Ester, which is missing from the Scrolls. There are more than 24,000 old hand written manuscripts of the New Testament gospels dating back to 70 A.D., These manuscripts are hand written in many different languages and were spread all over the known world at the time. It would have been impossible for someone to have changed them all. Can you imagine all the Christians and all the Jews getting together to change their old holy books just to make Mohammed a liar some six hundred years later? It never happened! Such an action would cause a major war.

These Old Holy Books testify to the same loving Jesus, and they are the same as the Bible we have today, - nothing has changed. We are warned not to add, change, or delete a single word of the original Bible; otherwise those who do so will receive the plagues described in these very same scriptures. Mohammed and his Quran are guilty of this sin. As I said previously, there are over 24,000 old manuscripts dating back to before the third century which are witnesses to the Bible we have today. However, there is NOT one old manuscripts from that time which witnesses the words of the Quran. Now how can that be??? This is absolute proof that the Quran lies, and the Bible has never changed!

Muslims will say we have many different versions of the Bible such as the King James Version, and the New International Version. But they are confusing the words version and translation. A translation is a version and we have over 2400 different translations of the Bible into every language in the world. No other book is translated into every language in the world, only the Bible. If we disagree with any of the translations, or versions, we can go back to the old Hebrew and Greek scriptures to verify the original meanings.

Muslims have to say someone changed the Bible because Mohammed said the Bible is God's word, but the Bible calls Mohammed's books a liar. The Quran puts lies into the mouth of Jesus, Abraham and many other prophets which the Bible says are untrue. If no one changed the Bible, then the Quran has to be a lie!

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The Fifth and “Biggest” Islamic Pillar of Deception,

Is that Jesus did not die on the cross!
This deception further proves the Quran cannot be the word of God, and Mohammed has to be a false messenger. Just read the words of the Quran very closely and you will see the proof of the lie.

The Lies Begin!
(Surah 4:157) That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Apostle of God";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:- (Translated by Yusuf Ali )

The Greatest Deception!
Note the words “but so it was made to appear to them (Surah 4:157)”. These words prove to us that the Quran believes there was a crucifixion that day, but it was not Jesus who was crucified. Note also in these words that Allah has deceived the disciples of Jesus, and even His mother Mary into thinking the person on the cross that day was Jesus. But according to Allah and Mohammed, it was someone else who died in his place.

Allah lied!
But if the Quran is true, do you realize that Allah lied to all of the Christians from the first century to the seventh century when the Quran finally corrects the deception? Allah let us believe a lie for six hundred years, and sent billions of Christians who lived before 652 A.D. to hell simple because Allah made them believe a lie! Jesus said he is the only begotten Son of God and we believed him as he overcame the human death. Why did Allah not simple show them it was not Jesus on the cross and Christianity would have never been born? Why did he wait six hundred years to correct his lie? The God Abraham and the Father of us all never lies which proves Mohammed and his book are the real deceivers. Mohammed's Allah is truly a false deceiving mythical god.

Isa of the Quran is not Jesus of the Bible,
Further proof is found in the words of Isa (Jesus) of the Quran compared to the words of the Jesus of the Bible. First, the word Jesus in Hebrew means Yah'shua or "God's Salvation", but Isa in Hebrew means Esau who is the rejected brother of Jacob. Isa of the Quran is not Yah’shua (Jesus) of the Gospels. Isa is an imaginary person made up to look and sound like Yah’shua, but they put completely different words in his mouth. Isa is that same mythical person who was killed on the cross in the place of Jesus. Isa of the Quran is a coward who hides from the human death on the cross, and sends another to die in his place. The name Yah’shua means "Yahweh’s Savior". What kind of savior is Isa who hides from the death which all humans must face, and sends another to die in his place? The cowardly Isa is nothing like Jesus of the Bible, the Son of God. Isa can save no one, only the Son of God has the power of salvation, and His name is Yah’shua (Jesus) the Creator’s Savior!

Why did Jesus have to die?
The problem with the writers of the Quran is that they, like many Christians today, have missed the real meaning of Jesus’ human death. So what do we mean when we say “Jesus died on the cross for our sins”? First we have to remember that Jesus existed long before the world began, and He stood at His Father's side before the world was created. He did not have to come down into this sinful world to suffer the death which all human sinners must suffer. He came of His own choice to suffer and to conquer the Human death, so that we humans might follow Him in conquering death as well. You see it was not dying on the cross that was important; it was Christ’s willingness to die the human death of any kind. Death comes only to sinful humans, but Jesus had no sin. The only reason the cross is important is that it was foretold by the prophets that the Messiah would die on a tree and His hands and feet would be pierced, and He would be rejected by His own people. As Jesus said Himself, “I came to fulfill the law”. This is why His name is Yah’shua, God’s Savior, and He came to save us from ourselves, from our own justifiable death. To show us how much he loves us Jesus became a human to suffer our sinners death, and by so doing he shows us He has power over the human death. He tells us if we follow Him we too can overcome the human death. But Isa of the Quran ran from the human death, he saves no one, but his own cowardly self.

Jesus Lived Before The World Began!
We need to remember that Jesus is not of the sinful seed of Adam, He is of the sinless seed of God almighty, and that is why He was brought into the world through the virgin birth. As we can see Jesus already existed before his human birth!

(John 17:5) Jesus said, “And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”

John 8:58 "I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!",

John 10:28-30 28 And I (Jesus) give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. 30 I and my Father are one.

John 8:42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.

Non Biblical Historical Proof of Jesus and His Crucifixion
Tactus, the first century Roman historian wrote “Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated foe their abominations called Christian by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus”. Other writers where Suetonis, Josephus, Pliny the Younger, Emperor Trajan, Lucian of Samosata, Mara Bar-Serapion, But greatest of them all is the historical record of the New Testament Gospels. The proof of the crucifixion of Jesus is found in countless old manuscripts from the first century, but there are no old manuscripts supporting the words of Isa in the Quran. This is proof that the Quran lies!

John 3:16-18 For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

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The Sixth Islamic Pillar of Deception,

Is that Mohammed was a prophet! Mohammed never said He is a prophet; He called himself an inspired Warner. Look at what Mohammed said;

(Quran 46-9) Mohammad: Say: I am no new thing among the messengers, nor do I know what will be done to me or with you. I do but follow that which is inspired in me, and I am but a Warner

Prophet’s see the future as God reveals it to them, but a messenger or Warner is one who speaks from inspirations as I now speak to you. By Mohammed own words, he is not a prophet. Muslims assert that Mohammed is the last and greatest of the prophets, a claim that cannot be supported by Mohammed’s own words, and is absolutely rejected by the Bible. A Prophet is one who is divinely shown God's will for his people and discloses future events to them as proof of his divine mission. Although Mohammed says he gets inspirations from Allah, he does not disclose the future as required by a true prophet. A messenger can be inspired by anyone not requiring proof.

As we can see in the Quran Mohammed never actually spoke to Allah. First we are told Allah came to Mohammed in the form of a man (Surah 53:2-18). Second we are told it was the “holy Spirit” (Surah 16-102, 26-192-194). Third the angels told Mohammed (Surah 15-8). Forth we are told the angel Gabriel told Mohammed (Surah 2-97) which is the most popular and accepted version. So who did inspire Mohammed? We don't have to look far before we see who actually spoke to Mohammed.

"Once the Prophet was bewitched so that he began to imagine that he had done a thing which in fact he had not done." Volume 4, Book 53, Number400, Narrated Aisha.

Satan has inspired many through deception. Mohammed was bewitched, and he never spoke to Allah, He only spoke to his own tormented mind.

How do we know if one is a prophet of God or not? Only the Bible tells us how one is proven to be a prophet, or not. If his prophecy comes true, then we know he truly is a prophet of God Almighty, but if his words do not come true, we know he is not sent from God, nor does he see the visions of God. He sees the visions of the great deceiver, and of his own imagination. As Mohammed says in Surah 46-9 above "nor do I know what will be done to me or with you", he is not a prophet nor can he prove himself to be a prophet by God's own definition.

Another proof is that a prophet would be able to perform miracles, but the Quran plainly tells us Mohammed cannot perform any miracles. On two occasions in the Quran Mohammad admitted he could do no miracles to show any sort of divinity or divine calling (Surah 17: 90-95; 3: 183, also see: 29: 50-51). After Mohammed's death his followers began to embellish his life in the Hadith some 200 years later. But the Quran proves these Hadiths to be false.

Quran 29:50 And they say: Why are not portents sent down upon him (Mohammed)from his Lord? Say: Portents are with Allah only, and I am but a plain warner. So the Hadiths which says Mohammed did miracles lies.

Again we see Mohammed calls himself only a plain Warner, not a prophet! So how did Mohammed become a last great prophet? The answer is, he did not, as the writers of the Quran also embellished Mohammed's words.

Jeremiah 23:30 Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbor

After Mohammad's death, his followers began to embellishment of his life story with mythology, probably derived in part from accounts of the founders of other religions. The story of Mohammad's ascension to heaven from Jerusalem, for instance, seems to have been modeled on the ascension of Jesus, but it is proven to be a myth.

Surah 17:-1 says Mohammad went to the "farthest Mosque" during his journey by night (the Isra-wa-al-Mi'raj), which Muslims explain was the Dome of the Rock mosque, in Jerusalem. But there was no mosque in Jerusalem during the life of Mohammad, and the Dome of the Rock was not built until 690 C.E., by the Amir 'Abd al Malik, a full 58 years after Mohammad's death! There was not even a temple in existence at that time. The temple of Jerusalem had been destroyed by Titus 570 years before this vision. So what was this mosque Mohammad supposedly saw? It is all a self serving myth! The writers of the Quran have tried to deceive us.

One other point that proves Mohammed is a false teacher and never a prophet of the true God is found in the words of Jesus. Jesus told us many details about his own return to earth on the last day, and the false prophets which would come during his departure to lead many astray, but he never mentioned the coming of Mohammed. How could he have over looked the coming of a new prophet who would be greater than God's only begotten Son? The answer is, he did not!

The light of Christ has come unto them but they prefer the darkness to the light. Muslims who worship Allah will surely die and spend eternity in the bottomless pit in the outer darkness, and that is very SAD!

Jesus said: Matthew 24:24-27 24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets (like Mohammed), and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. 25 Behold, I have told you before. 26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. 27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

But Jesus never mentioned Mohammed!

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The Seventh Islamic Pillar of Deception,

Is that Science proves the Quran is the word of Allah!

If the scientific statements in the Quran are from Allah, then Allah has to be a Greek! Muslims claim that the Quran contains scientifically accurate information about Embryology before it was discovered by man, and this is proof that the Quran is the word of Allah. However, all the information in the Quran regarding Embryology is copied from three sources, (1) a Greek doctor named Galen, who lived in 150 A.D., (2). A Jewish doctor named Samuel ha-Yehudi who lived 150 A.D., and (3) the Greek father of medicine Hippocrates who lived in 400 B.C... This is more absolute proof that the Quran is not any god's word, but rather a false teaching which is copied from humans and meant only to lead the innocent astray! Knowing the Quran lies about it’s so called scientific revelations,,, how can anyone not know it is a book of deceit! Just look at some of its words;

Quran 86:6 He is created from a gushing fluid 86: 7 That issued from between the loins and ribs.

This shows us exactly who Allah really is as he does not know where the human sperm comes from. It does not come from between the ribs and back bone as Mohammed tries to tell us in Surah 86:6. The old Greeks got it wrong in the First Century and Mohammed copied it wrong in his book of deceptions. At any rate it is very bad science. Surah 86:6 proves Allah is still the false pagan moon god willing to say anything to deceive the children of the true God.

The Science of astronomy
In Surah 21:33 is another example of the Quran' plagiarized science.

21:33 And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They float, each in an orbit, and 36:40 It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit.

But the sun does not orbit the earth or anything else, why did Allah not know this? It is the earth and moon which travel in an orbit around the sun. The Second Century Greek scientist, Ptolemy, got it wrong and again Mohammed copied it wrong saying it is Allah's word. This is further proof that the Quran is plagiarized from others and has nothing to do with any perceived god.

The following so called scientific verse would be funning if the rest of the Quran was not so deadly.

In Surah 18:87 of the Quran, Allah says “Till, when he reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring”

Didn’t Allah know the world is round? Does Allah not know that the sun has no setting place? This is more proof that Allah is no god but only a creation of Mohammed's tormented mind.

Surah 70:40) Allah swears by the lord of the rising-place and the setting place of the planets that we are able... -- Doesn’t Allah know there is only one God to pray to?? Does Allah not know that there is no rising place or setting place for the planets?

Surah (70:40) is even more outrageous to say the God of all creation has to swear by one of his own creations to prove his words are true. My God, Yahweh, is Lord of all and there is no other equal to him or like him. His word alone is proof.

The greatest hypocrisy
One of the greatest hypocrisy of all times is to call the Satanic Verses of the Quran a Holy Book. It cannot survive without lies. The first lie of the Quran is to call the pagan Allah of Mecca the same god as the Yahweh, the God of Abraham. The second lie of the Quran is to call all the witness of Yahshua (Jesus) and the writers of The Old Testament liars. You see all of the prophets of the Bible have to be liars in order for the Quran to be truthful. Any rational look at the satanic verses of the Quran will show you it’s deceptiveness, and evil intentions. There are about 24,000 copies of old hand written manuscripts dating back before 300 A.D. which agrees with the words of Jesus in the Bible we have today, but there is not one old manuscripts from before Mohammed which agree with the words of Jesus and the Bible prophets which are recorded in the Quran. There are no witnesses for the words of the Quran, Uthman burned them all. Now which is the liar? Satan is the chief liar, and his deceptive writings can be found in the Quran.

(Ephesians 5:6) Let no man deceive you with vain words (like the Quran): for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.

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Compare Jesus with Mohammed!

Mohammed preached "Death to the infidels!"; Christ prayed "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34). Who is the greater?

Mohammed was swift to shed the blood of many; Christ shed His own blood for the salvation of many (Ephesians 1:7). Who is the greater?

Mohammed said to the masses, "Convert or die!” Christ said, "Believe and live!" (John 6:47; 11:25-26). Who is the greater?

Mohammed conquered his enemies with the sword; Christ conquered his enemies with another kind of sword, the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Hebrews 4:12; Acts 2:37). Who is the greater?

Mohammed practiced FORCE; Christ preached FAITH (John 6:29,35). Who is the greater?

Mohammed and his fellow warriors murdered tens of thousands; Christ murdered none but saved many (compare John 12:48). Who is the greater?

Mohammed promoted persecution against the "infidels"; Christ forgave and converted the chief persecutor (1 Timothy 1:13-15). Who is the greater?

Mohammed's disciples killed for the faith; Christ's disciples were killed for their faith (Acts 12:2; 2 Tim 4:7). Who is the greater?

Mohammed was the messenger of war; Christ is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7). Who is the greater?

Mohammed is never mentioned in the Old Testament Bible , or the Jewish Torah, but the coming of Jesus was foretold in many places (Isaiah 9:6). Who is the greater?

Muhammad condemned the free and led them into slavery. (Ibn Hisham p. 466) Jesus forgave the thief on the cross with Him and took the thief to paradise that very day. Who is the greater?

Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after His death, and later ascended into heaven. (Luke 23 and 24), Mohammed is still dead. Who is the greater?

Jesus is God's Word . (John 1:1, 14), how can Mohammed be greater?

Jesus says there will only be two great prophets to follow Him, but neither of them could have been Mohammed (Rev 11: 3-12). Who is the greater?

God said, "You shall not kill, and you should love your neighbor as yourself", Jesus said "love your enemies", and Mohammed said "Kill all of the Jews and infidels".. Now which one is the false prophet??

If your god has no sons, he is a fake god and you have no personal relationship to that god. What are we to be called by our God, if not His sons?

Jesus lives, Mohammed is dead! Who is the greatest?

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