My talk with the Lord/ Jan 21, 1997

Lord, Let Others See Thee In Me

On January 12, 1997, the Lord showed me his mighty fortress again, but this time it was not so clear and it was not a dream. I saw a starry black sky with a huge gray stone coming toward me. I could see the stone clearly but very little of the stars and blackness behind it. Then I found myself standing in my back yard looking southward, and I saw the stone come overhead passing over my left shoulder, heading toward the North. I was not at all afraid this time, and I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. If I tell others about this and it does not come to pass, they will mock Your holy name. He said “ say nothing, but mark this day, for I send my star to you, that you might know that I am your God, and you can follow Me in confidence”. I did not ask for this gift, but He gave it freely that I might know that my life is in His hand, if I would but follow Him.

On January 13, I wrote on a piece of paper “Large comet going to the North, just East of here”, and I put it in my pocket. I carried it around for a few days and nothing happened. So on January 16th, I took it out of my pocket, and threw it in the trash. I thought that I must have misunderstood what the Lord was telling me. On the morning of January 17th, people heading North on Interstate 275, about two miles East of here, saw a beautiful bright light streaking across the sky toward the North. It was reported by several people, and was on the news for several day afterwards. When I first heard the report, my heart leaped with joy, and I went home and dug the note out of the trash, and wrote “January, 17, 1997, IT HAPPENED”. My God is real, and true to His word, we can follow Him in confidence, He will lead us home. My very soul thanks You Lord, that You still love us here on Your beautiful earth. Also, thank you Lord for teaching me patience, fore everything you say will come true.

Lord, Let Others See Thee In Me

Lord, help me to love you more, and let others see thee in me,
that without you Lord there is nothing, in this world or eternity

The world cries out from it’s agony, caused by lust, sin, and pain,
but they don’t realize the answer, is in Your holy and most precious name

They do not want to see You there Lord, behind your wonderful gate,
it might prevent them from wallowing, in the lust of the slithery snake

Lord how simple is man’s mind, that he is blinded so easily,
he thinks he controls the world, but doesn’t know that You control eternity

Lord let them see the answer, before you close your mighty gate,
let them know you still love them, in the mist of their lust and hate

Let them see that they stand naked, before your golden throne,
and there is not one thought or deed, that will go before you unknown

You’ve told us from the beginning, the answer is in our hands,
we merely need to ask, and we will see You in Your holy promised land

But our prayer cannot be just words, that are seen and heard by man,
they must come from deep within, the soul and heart of an empty man

Thank you Lord for driving me away, from the sadness of this worldly land,
and knowing all my hopes and dreams, are being held there in Your hands

Lord how my heart leaps with joy, that Satan will no longer stand,
in the heart of this forgiven, and very simple little man

Lord, how can I not praise thee, when you’ve done so much for me,
all undeserving, and for a reason I cannot see

But I will always love you Lord, if no one else follows me,
I can never forget that I helped nail you, to that old rugged tree

Thank you Father for the window, through which I now see thee,
it is through my love and prayers, that you’ve come so close to me.

joe sizemore
January 21, 1997

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