My talk with the Lord/ June 15, 1999

Mada & Namow, Man's Creation!

Who is God to you, what is His name, and how should we address Him? As we read the Bible we find there are several names for God, such as; God, The Lord, Father, YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah, and Adonia. But God referred to Himself simply as, “I AM WHO I AM”. Does all this make God some kind of great mystery to us, then how should we refer to the one who created the heavens and all there in? I thought to myself, what name would I have given God? I might suggest, “The Most Holy, Magnificent, Powerful, and Only Creator of All Things”. Yet He simply calls Himself, “I AM”, which doesn’t exaggerate who He is, nor does it belittle who He is. You see, “He is who He is” to you and me. We are not to worry about His power over us; we are to worry about our relationship with Him.

To try to put our relationship in perspective, let us assume that I could build a super computer, which has the reasoning power of the human. Don’t think this is too farfetched, because our computer scientists are actively working on such a computer at this very moment. Let me call my new computer “Mada”. Now I will first need to teach Mada the basic fundamentals of right and wrong, otherwise he will have no purpose, or direction. I will do this by down loading some of my own character and beliefs into Mada’s basic memory banks. In order for Mada to learn, however, I would also have to give him mobility and sight so he could survey his surroundings and learn from his experiences by applying the basic functions of right and wrong to his experiences. I call Mada a “him”, because he has no mother, he is a new creation, the first of his kind, and I alone have creating him, as I desire. If Mada is truly to learn on his own, however, he cannot remain attached to my power source. I will teach him how to gather and generate his own energy so he can continue to function without my constant assistance.

In order to protect Mada’s computer circuits from the environment, I would wrap him in a soft water proof package, but the package would have to be flexible enough to still allow the computer to move about freely. Once he is disconnected from me, he may think he no longer needs my assistance, but I will let him figure that one out for himself. The ultimate in right and wrong are hate and love. Now I need to teach Mada to choose love over hate, but in order to do this I will have to build more computers like Mada, so he will have someone beside himself in order to experience love and hate. To accomplish this, I will create another computer just like Mada, except it will have the ability to copy or duplicate all of Mada’s circuits thereby creating a new Mada. I will call this second computer Namow. Mada will realize that Namow is really part of himself, and for this reason he will know he can depend on Namow, and he will seek to keep Namow close to him, because he is not complete without her. I call Namow a “her”, because she is not a new creation, but is taken from the parts of Mada. Since Namow is made from Mada, they will always need each other to be complete.

Now, if you where Mada, or Namow, what would you call me, Creator, Father, Him, or perhaps, “The Most Holy, Magnificent, Powerful, and Only Creator of All Things”? For Mada is there some other great power out there besides me which has created him, or is he his own creator since he now has Namow to reproduce himself? Mada’s new knowledge soon teaches him that his power source is limited, his ability is limited, and what is to happen to him when the power source runs out? So Mada’s knowledge leads him back looking for the loving hands which created him in the first place. Mada is a success because he knows the truth, he knows that I am very proud of him, and that I truly love him, otherwise I would not have created him in the first place, and he is my child.

Now that is a long way around to tell us that our relationship with our creator is a personal relationship as a child to their Father. When I kneel to pray, life’s trials have taught me to look up into my loving Father’s face and I know I am His own creation. He is not a mystery to me, He knows me better than I know myself, He is my life, my hope, my greatest love, and my only Father. I have spent a long time here in this computer shell called the human body, but that which is within me is of my Father, and when this old computer wears out, I will return to my Father from whence I came. I don’t call my Father Willie, Pete, John, or Sam, I simple call Him “Father”, because it show our personal relationship, it shows Him how much I love Him, and it shows Him that I have learned what true love really is. Unless He is our Father, we are not of Him, and He will not know us in those last hours. Unless we are filled with the Father, we are not of Him. In order to enter our Father’s house, we must recreate ourselves into a new image; we must eliminate the computer hardware, and become the very image of our Father. We are given the knowledge to accomplish this for ourselves, but will we do it? So if we were to die today, whose image does our life reflect, the computer, or our Father?

By the way, I’m sure you have noticed that Mada and Namow is Adam and Woman spelled backwards. Also we need to remember that a loving heart melts the heat of our Father’s anger, and there is no evil which love will not overcome.

May my Father bless you and your house until we stand together before His throne?

Your brother in Christ,
joe sizemore
June 15, 1999

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