My talk with the Lord/ April 12, 1999

My Last Thoughts

When my eyes close in death, which of my treasures will I think of in that last moment here on earth? As I think back across my life at the truly high points of my accomplishments, which do I appreciate most, which do I treasure the most?

Was it graduating from High School, or was it getting my University Degree, while working full time to support my family? These were truly great personal accomplishments. Perhaps it was giving up four years of my life to serve in the military defending the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States. That surely made a great change in my life, and took a huge commitment on my part. Maybe it was my hard work which moved me up the corporate ladder in a major corporation to a position of responsibility, and becoming a financial success. That also took a real commitment on my part, while feeding and educating my family.

Or could it be that my greatest treasure had nothing to do with my hard work at all, but are the gifts to me by others? Could it be that my greatest treasure is my mate, or my child? These were gifts this life gave to me, not because of anything I had earned or done, but were freely given to me out of the love of others. How can my personal accomplishment compare with a gift like a loving wife, the love of my child, the love of a beautiful granddaughter, or the love of a mother and father? Take all my earthly accomplishments, and compare them with these free gifts of love, then my personal accomplishments fade quickly away.

So in that last hour, which will I think of last? Christ on the cross last thoughts were for us, as He said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. In all of His pain and agony of those last minutes, His thoughts were of you and me, because we were His greatest treasure, and His greatest love. Oh, to have Christ’s same love in my heart for others. In my last moments my thoughts will be for those who have loved me through all those many years when I was so unlovable. My prayers will be that God now watch over them because I will not be there to care for them, and I will thank God for having sent them to me to make my life complete. It is a joy to know that our lives are in God’s hands, and one day we will spend eternity with our greatest treasures. It is very sad to think that those who do not have the treasure of Christ in their hearts will see their life’s treasures perish in their last moments.

My greatest treasures are those which I do not own, because they were given to me by others. My last thoughts will be of these wonderful free gifts to my life, the love of my family, and the wondrous love of Christ. We need to remember, that where our treasures are, there will be our hearts also.

My greatest treasure was my love for others, and Christ’s love for me. What is your greatest treasure?

joe sizemore
January 18, 1999

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