My talk with the Lord/ October 1, 2000

My Search!

Lord I have searched, for You from the very start,
Because I heard Your voice, there in my heart.

I looked to science, to prove that You live,
Even though I could see Your handiwork, in the oceans, skies, and in the hills.

I studied the written word, to take my doubts away,
But it was still not enough, to show me the way.

Then one day, out of the blue,
You say Child I am here, and I love You.

All my doubts, suddenly melted away that day,
Not because of what I had learned, but because of what You had to say.

It was You who proved to me, beyond the slightest doubt,
And all my needs to study, I can now live without.

That day You filled my soul, with Your love from above,
Love that no mortal man, could ever dream of.

It is You and You alone, who opens the doors to truth,
All I had to do was to ask, and to simply keep seeking You.

Lord let Your truth, now shine through me,
So others will stop searching, and simply turn their hearts to Thee.

Asking with a pure heart, they will then surly see,
That it is You who has chosen them, for eternity.

How do we know, that we belong to You,
It is that still small voice we think is within us, but it actually comes from You.

I love You Lord.
joe sizemore
October 1, 2000

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