My talk with the Lord/ March 15, 1999

The Passover

Lord, You stand so plainly before us,
anyone should be able to see,
Yet so many hold only to their human knowledge,
and say show me, because I donít believe

It reminds me of that terrible dark night,
so very long ago,
When the Egyptians hearts were hard like rocks,
and their love had grown ice cold

They did not seek the love of God,
they would not follow His plan,
They turn their hearts to greed and lust,
and followed after the evil man

They proudly spoke of the honorable things,
they did in the light of the mid day sun,
But their lives would change completely,
when the dreadful darkness would come

They thought God could not see,
in the darkness of their evil hearts,
They played the game of righteousness by day,
while following Satan after dark

God sent a final warning,
to this adulterous and evil race,
The Angel of Death is coming this very night,
to take your oldest sons away

They laughed and jeered at those who warned,
and said how stupid can you be,
That God of yours will not come down,
He has no power over me

There were many who called themselves faithful,
but they did not truly believe,
They went about their evil ways,
saying Godís warnings are not for me

God told them to place a crimson mark,
to show they truly believed,
So the Angel of Death would pass them by,
and continue on down the street

Many perished needlessly that dark dreadful night,
because they simply would not hear,
God tried to tell them over and over,
the Angel of Death is drawing near

The warnings of God are ringing out again today,
for those without the crimson mark,
The Angel of Death will soon reappear,
but this time the mark must be upon our hearts

He is looking for an inner mark,
which can only be put in place,
By the one and only begotten Son of God,
through His love, mercy, and endless grace

You see we sinners come into this world,
as lowly beastly things,
But it is the love of Christ our King,
which washes and makes the filthy beast clean

So when the Death Angel reappears,
which mark will he find upon our hearts,
One covered by the pure and loving blood of Christ,
or the black mark of the beastly heart.

joe sizemore
March 15, 1999


The time is late, who is truly the Lord of your life?
Look where your dreams are, and you will know where
your heart is also.

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