My talk with the Lord/ August 17, 1999

The Battle of Principalities

The battle of principalities rages all around us, as it did in heaven. How do they try to destroy the child of God? Their most effective weapon is to try to delude the power of Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us "I am the way, the truth, and the light, and no one comes to the Father but by me". If these words are true, then all other religions are lies, all other principalities try to steal the hearts of men with lies which come only from the prince of darkness. Remember that Jesus told us there is a narrow way. Christian, who is the lord of your life, is there any doubt in your heart as to who is your only Master and who is your only Father? If there is, then I pray that you would fall on your knees and ask with a pure and loving heart, that the Father will come to you to wash away all your doubts.

If the Devil came in all his evil, we would surely reject him, but he comes as an angel of light to deceive the child of the Father. The other principalities will tell you there are many ways to the Father, but this would make Jesus a liar. They will tell you that Jesus was a good man, but just one of many prophets. If this is true, then Jesus is a liar, and they call a liar "a good man". How can such a brazen liar be a good man, or could it be that they are just trying to justify themselves and sell us their own lies? Beware of evil coming in the clothes of righteousness. There is only one Father, and there is only one Son!

There can be no doubt in the heart of a child of the Father, otherwise, Jesus is not the true Lord of our souls, and we only wear the mask of Christianity. To be "born again", is to know that there is only one Christ, or Master, and only one Father. Even logic tells us that the power to create this universe could not have come from the confusion and strife of many different gods, but is the handy work of a single Father. Does your physical body come from many earthly fathers, or is it a product of a single man. It is the same with all who walk upon this earth, we all have a single heavenly Father, and He has given us all of His love so that we might learn to love others, as He loves us. The Father's plan for us is that one-day we too would become a loving being, made in His own image.

The Muslims will tell us that Jesus was just another prophet, yet Jesus warned us of the false prophets to come. Six hundred years after Christ's warning, Mohammed's words say Jesus is a liar, and Jesus is not the only way to the Father. Mohammed doesn't tell us the future, but Jesus sure told us about the future coming of Mohammed. Buddhist tell us we are all one with nature and the universe, we are all one with god, but if this is true, then who is running the universe in which we live, I am sure it is not me. The Buddhist will also tell you that Jesus was just one of many enlightened teachers sent to guide our way, but if they are right, then who sent these good teachers, and where did they get their wisdom from? They will also tell you that if you meditate hard enough, you will go into a trance and God will speak to you. I am thankful that my God can hear my simplest words, and there is no need for pumping myself up to the heights of God, as my Father comes down to where I am. They too make Jesus a liar and try to delude His words. The Hindus tell us that we are all working our way through multiple lives, or reincarnations, from the lowest of earthly creatures to the ultimate objectives of one day being flung out into the nothingness of the universe. But it seem that is where we started from in the first place, so what is the purpose, and what have we learned if we can't remember our previous experiences? For me the life of a worm is far better than nothingness, and what purpose is life in the middle of nothingness? It was not "nothingness" that created this world, but it was all done for a purpose, by our one and only Father.

Our Lord Jesus tells us that He has gone to prepare a place for us in His Father's house, and if it were not so, He would have told us. Jesus did not lie, but told us the simple truth. In the Fathers kingdom there is no longer a place for evil lying principalities, and only those with a loving and truthful heart will be allowed to stay within the walls of our Father's house. All others will be cast down as Satan, the prince of lies, has already been cast out of the Father's house, and they will all remain in their darkness forever. Beware of the devils coming in white garments saying there is no hell, because being cast away from the Fathers heaven is a torment far worse than we humans can now imagine.

So brothers and sisters who do you say this Jesus is, a King of all, or a liar, because He cannot be both? Choose this day in whom you believe, and in whom you will follow. As for me, I choose my Lord and King, Jesus, the only Christ, the only Master, and the only begotten Son of the Father. There is but one God, and He has told us plainly what we must do, if we are to enter His heavenly kingdom. We come only by the narrow way; we come only by the love and mercy of Jesus, our Lord and King. The choice is up to each of us, no one will be forced to love the Father, no one will be forced to enter the Father's house, and we each must come freely on our own.

Hold fast to your first love in these dark days, and pray that our Lord comes soon; otherwise we will all surly parish. Hold fast to the only truth, the loving light of Christ Jesus, the narrow way to the Father's house.

God bless you, and keep you safe from the lies of the prince of darkness, until our Lord soon rolls back the heavens like a scroll, and then all will know that Jesus is the only Christ!

Your brother in Jesus, the ONLY Christ!
joe sizemore

August 17, 1999

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