My talk with the Lord/ Mar 10, 1998

Prove God Exist, Without The Bible

The following is a letter to an atheist friend named George, who
wanted proof that God exists without using the Bible as the
source of proof. The following is my reply;

Hi George,

In reading you response, I think I have asked for the impossible. I asked you some of the questions I once asked myself in trying to prove that God is real, and that there is more to our being than just this simple animal shell. In reading your response, I came to realize that you too are just a reflection of what you have read. Iím sure you think the same about Christians who quote the Bible every fourth word as though the written words give credit to their position, or belief. I too have read much of the material you quoted in your response, as Iím sure you have read much of the Bible. It is for this reason that I wanted to see if it was possible to share our personal views without the aid of other written works. I also apologize for using the term soul, but I use it only to reflect the thought process which formulates our beliefs.

I would like to share with you my thought process in trying to jump across what others have written, to the meaning of life as I understand it myself. I know we are all products of our past, which is based on the knowledge we acquire throughout our life time, and I know that the Bible has affected my thought process, as have the many articles I have read supporting your beliefs. I really have read other materials George, and I realize they cannot be just dismissed as satanic works, but must be overcome if we are to find the truth which may be found in different places for each of us. I provide you with this so that you might understand just one persons reason for rejecting manís scientific approach, and trying to reach beyond manís teachings to a God who created us all.

So, lets try to put religion and faith aside for a moment, and evaluating the human condition strictly scientifically. In so doing, it would be difficult for me to believe that there are not other living beings out there in the vast universe who have evolved an intellect equal to, or far greater than our own. To think that this small planet is the center of all knowledge, and the only place in the vast universe where intelligent life could evolve, would be to greatly limit the obvious.

How does the human fit into this vast picture? We need to first understand what is driving the human, in order to understand where we are headed. One good place to start might be to ask ourselves, what is mankind's ultimate objective? I believe peace, happiness, and total control over our own lives would be right up there at the top of the list, but I believe the humanís most desired objective is to have eternal life. For without eternal life, mankind is not the master, it is death that rules all who live on the planet earth.

Mankindís ultimate objective is to eliminate disease, and death which are innate in the physical body. It is this physical body which holds us to this tiny planet, and prevents us from soaring through the universe. The human body prevents us from attaining our ultimate goal of eternal life, which mankind has searched for from the beginning. It is the reasoning power within the human animal that makes us aware of our limitations relative to the timeless universe around us. With the trillions of stars and planets in the universe, there must be other intelligent beings which have realized the only way to have eternal life is to escape the limitations of the physical being.

We too, could learn how to escape this physical shell, or body, if we are allowed to continue here on earth long enough, because it is only a matter of knowledge. We seek the power which God has, to live forever without physical limitations. We want to be like God, yet we refuse to believe there is such a thing as God. Only now has scientific knowledge advanced far enough, that we can begin to conceive that eternal life is possible through our own scientific efforts.

I see your are smiling, you think it is scientifically impossible to escape the human shell; otherwise, you might have to reevaluate your beliefs. Look at what we have learned in just the last fifty years, what can we learn in the next fifty years?. We already exchange body parts with each other, and mechanical replacements are used in our attempt to extend life. If we had told someone fifty years ago that we would be able to transplant a human heart, or lung, we would have been laughed out of town. Our scientists are already working on growing new body parts in test tubes. We are trying to clone animals from a single cell, and we now have machines to look into the human brain to see how defective cells cause our brains to malfunction. We see tiny electrical forces driving the brain, which in turn drive the human machine or body parts. But when the body is physically defective, the electrical impulses can no longer drive the human machine, and it fails and becomes unusable.

We are already developing our own robots with what is called ďartificial intelligenceĒ, which can learn and perform human functions, and are controlled by an electronic computer brain. But it is the computer program, or software, which actually drives the computer brain or machine. The computer software is the ďsoulĒ, if you will, of the computer robot. It is that part which has the ability to learn form its pass experience, similar to the human soul. We cannot touch, or see, the computerís software, but we know it is there just the same, as the human soul is there just the same. Perhaps these computer robots are just the beginning of another living creature that we humans might create one day, as God has already created us. To the robot, we will be god, but what would we require of the robot before giving it eternal life, and equal status with the rest of the human race?

We will soon start short-cutting the electrical circuits in the human brain to bypass defective body parts, and taking our first steps down the road to eliminating the need for the human body, or hardware. It is our bodies that restrains us, and if our creator would let us, our next major leap in knowledge would be the understanding of how to eliminate the human body altogether. Think of it George, we would not require oxygen or water to survive, our lives would be without limits, or so we would hope.

The spirit world is not beyond mankindís scientific ability to achieve, and is the obvious conclusion to our learning process here on earth. In the spirit world, we will not have the sinful lust of the human beast, for the human body and its lustful nature will no longer be needed. It is the physical world that is limited, and cannot long hold the spirit of mankind. Look at our own body and see the complex machine our spirit is driving. The body machine, or beast, requires a lot of maintenance, and tries to take the humanís attention away from what is really important, the growth of our soul.

It will be very interesting when we start trying to transplant the human brain, or head. Whose memory and morals will be there, those of the person who donated the physical brain, the spirit of the person receiving the brain, both, or neither? If the world is still here, perhaps we will learn the answer to this question in our own life times.

You still donít think this is possible? A scientist (Dr. Robert White, of Case Western Research University), has already tried to transplant the head of a monkey, and the animal actually survived for a while, blinking his eyes. The test failed only because they did not know how to connect all of the nerve cells to drive the rest of the body functions. It is only a matter of time before this hurdle will be overcome. If we can imagine it, someone will do it, given enough time. It is only a matter of knowledge.

After we learn how to replace and regenerate all of the body's organs, then mankind will turn in earnest to learning how to eliminate the remaining barrier to eternal life, the physical body. The earth cannot support the physical requirements of a human race which does not die. If we are to have eternal life, we must escape the human shell. When we learn how to escape our shells, we will also have to learn how to communicate without speech, since we wonít need a mouth to speak with, or ears to hear with. We will speak only with the soul, as we do today when we communicate with God and His angels, or with our own internal reasoning. It will become very important to us at that point to understand that ďstill small voiceĒ which speaks within each of us. It is that same small voice which tells us things are evil, even though they may not be against human laws.

We can see that in our imaginations, as we unlock one door of perceived impossibility, there seems to be another staring us right in the face. In the realm of science, what was an absolute fact yesterday is just a simple misunderstanding tomorrow. No, the world is no longer flat as scientist once believed, and we now know the earth is not the center of the universe. George, we smile at what was once believed to be scientific facts, but we know and believe our scientific facts today are the real ones. I must say that with a smile.

The humanís future is only limited by our imagination, but human science does not have an imagination, it can only see what is in the hand. If we had lived two hundred years ago, and someone told us we would have things like the telephone, television, or that mankind would walk on the moon, we would have thought they were completely mad. (Even though John foretold of TV in the Revelation more than 2000 years ago), Knowledge is an awesome power, of which we have just began to scratch the surface. If I let my simple mind go a little further, I would ask, what great power created the universe in the first place, and who controls the creator of that awesome power. I know it was not mankind because we are just beginning to discover its existence. When I look up into the universe, I ask myself, where does the sky above me end, how far is it out there, and if there is an end, what is it contained in, what is beyond the end? Pretty quickly we realize the limitations of human understanding, but we know enough to know that the universe is there, it is real, but it is beyond our reach, and understanding for the moment.

If mankind could learn enough to control the universe one day, then why could not some other great intellect have already done so? Our present knowledge would have to be like child's play next to one who can change the shape of the universe merrily by the sound of His voice. I believe there is such an awesome power out there that is presently creating mankind in His own image, and He is our loving Father, who we call God.

We might ask, then why doesnít God just let us find our own way to eternal life. The answer is that God wants us to learn far more important things than just how to accomplish eternal life, we must first learn how to love all others as we love ourselves, otherwise, we cannot be tolerated in the eternal world of the spirit. Love is what makes heaven so wonderful, and there is no place for any kind of sin. It is said that knowledge will set us free, and as our knowledge increases, we begin to learn the mysteries of Godís universe and our reason for being here in the first place. It is difficult for the human to comprehend a knowledge far greater than our own, and the possibility that it is the human who is being scientifically studied and created by the master scientist called, God.

This experiment, like all good scientific experiments, will come to a conclusion, where the product is good enough for the purpose for which it was designed, or it will be rejected and cast aside into the trash incinerator for it has no lasting value. The product which God is seeking is not what a human scientist might expect, because its physical characteristics are not important. Sight is not a critical evaluation tool for Godís experiment. God is not looking for the most perfect and beautiful human body, He is looking for the most perfect and beautiful heart, and spirit.

Since manís scientific knowledge has not advanced far enough to prove the existence of God in human terms, we look at the wonders of the world around us, and except the obvious that there must be a power great enough to create this garden in which we live. We refer to this leap in knowledge as having simple faith. Our faith tells us that an all powerful God created the heavens, the earth, and all therein, which was pleasing to Himself and His angles. His complete reason for creating us will become obvious to us when we stand before His throne, and see Him face to face.

With simple faith one believes in something they cannot yet see, and mathematical proof is not required. Having faith will tell us God created the universe around us, and His hand feeds us daily like fish in a fish-bowel. The fish cannot see or understand who is feeding them, but they know the food is there. To the layman, the transmission of a television (TV) pictures may seem impossible, but we know it is real for we see the results. To see the earth around us is to see the results of Godís loving care for us. We cannot see the TV pictures being transmitted through the walls of our house, but we accept it by faith, for those who know have told us, and we believe them. God has sent us many great messengers over the centuries to tell us heaven and hell are real, but we donít believe them.

Yet Godís love is all around us in the wind that brings the life giving rain, and the beautiful sun which warms the earth and keeps the cold darkness away. God provides us with the food to feed our bodies, and knowledge which allows us to understand His voice, and believe in a heaven which is being prepared for us.

Our faith is the window through which we see into heaven, into a world beyond this life, to a life eternal, and a Father most holy. If we never take a look through the window of faith, the window will fade away, and the light will disappear forever. When we open the window of our hearts to God, He will come in like a warm summer breeze, and He will talk with us like a loving Father.

Just look at our beautiful earth, and marvel at Godís handy work. We are the only known planet surrounded with an atmosphere like water and oxygen, and yet the elements all remain calmly in their boundaries, all in perfect balance. The oceans shift gently back and forth like a babies cradle, just enough to keep them from spinning out of control, and yet movement enough to keep them from stagnating. In all other such planets, the atmosphere is spinning out of control creating nothing but destruction. The other alternative is a planet without a life supporting atmosphere, one too hot, or too cold to sustain human life. Only in this beautiful garden, called earth, is everything under perfect control, so the seeds in this garden can grow to their maximum potential. A sun and a moon working in perfect harmony to warm the earth just right, and control the tides of the mighty seas around us. The gentle spinning of the earth to prevent the surface from getting too hot during the day, and too cold during the night. The earth is tilted just right to give us the seasons as we spin around the sun, and spreading the warmth all over the earth so we will not freeze.

We see great raging storms occur in our oceans, but they are not allowed to continue their raging destruction. I believe this is Godís way of telling us how the entire world would be if Godís hand did not hold back the fury of the seas and environment around us. We can see countless examples of Godís control to keep this garden livable. How can we believe that our beautiful earth is just an accident of nature, and that year-in and year-out it continues to be just an accident? Why do the great oceans not rush out of their banks and swamp the land on which we live? I believe the hand of God holds them all in their place. But they will not be held back forever.

Even if we could give eternal life to the human body, what happens to us when the sun finally burns out and explodes as our scientist tell us it surely will? Anyway you look at it, the physical human is doomed and its just a matter of time. As for the child of God, we will be there watching the destruction of the earth as it happens, and then we will sit with our Father and talk about the glory of it all.

George, I prayed that God would love me enough to open my eyes to His merciful grace, and that I could see how much He loves me. He doesnít want to lose any of us, but the choice is ours. Accept God and his love for us, or reject Him, and await our eternal death. I believe our objective is to learn who God is, and that there is something more important than the human animal. Is death our only future and reason for living? Is there nothing which has the knowledge to overcome the human death? Why am I not like a rock which has no understanding of life, and has no ability to think? To the rock there is no good or evil, no life or death, no hope or love, and I ask myself why I am different from the rock?

Now that I have said all that, have my poorly written words changed your beliefs? I donít think so, because no written words can change the human spirit, that must come from within each of us. We must seek truth with all our might and it cannot be borrowed from dead people. It must be real, and a living fire within each of us. I believe the truth is there for those who truly seek it, and look beyond what we have learned to date, to what is possible in the future. Once we realize there is a spirit, then we also understand that the Bible was inspired by the spirit world. As each of us read the Bible, the spirit of God is able to take the experiences of others, and change our lives, because we see the same errors in our own journey. It is not the words of the Bible that are important; it is the spirit behind the words that can change our soul. Without the belief in the human spirit, the Bible has no power, and man is left to the knowledge which is limited by human physics.

There are many so called Christians who follow the letter of the law as written in the Bible, but our faith comes only from a personal relationship with God, not from something someone else did or said in the past. There is no power in the ink on the pages of the Bible, but it is the words of the Holy Spirit which speaks to our hearts through the Bible which give it its power. The Bible is a history of mankind's search for Godís Spirit, and the love which God has shown to the world so that they might believe. It is a work of love, explaining mankind's shortcomings in words that will cause us to look within for the answers, and it is only when we come face to face with God ourselves, that we know without a doubt that He is our creator. With the power of the spirit, we can understand things far beyond the bounds of mankind science. Is manís physics the formula to all knowledge, and being? I donít think so, and one day we will see beyond our human limitations. The world is not flat, and physics is not the answer to the creation of the world, it is just the limit of mankind's present knowledge.

George, we are who we hope to be, but without God, there is no hope and the best we can wish for is a peaceful death and non-existence. My heart is filled with joy, because I hope for much more, I hope to overcome the limits of earth, and live life where there is no word for death. Each of us must find our own way, our own truth, and I would gladly give mine to you, but it is a gift which must be requested in order to have for ourselves. It is a gift which can only come from our creator.

Thanks for listing friend, and I hope I havenít confused you too much. No, a child is not just a piece of meat, or a rock, a child is something special, something to be loved, something to be cherished, something that will last forever, and will gives glory to God throughout eternity,,, if we will but show them the way, as God has shown us the way. It would be truly evil to destroy such a valuable prize, but many of us do it every day.

joe sizemore
November 2, 1998

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