My talk with the Lord/ July 29, 1999

A Small Light

A small light in a brightly-lighted room adds little value, but that same small light in a room of darkness can be like a great beacon cutting through the stormy night. Where does the light that Christ has placed in your heart shine?

A wonderful Christian friend asked me why I don't spend more time on the Internet with the faithful. My only answer is that they no longer need the light I have to share because they should now have their own light. If they are not out working in the darkness, what good is the light which Christ has placed within them?

When we come before Christ, we come not as a group, but we come alone one at a time and Jesus will ask each of us, who do you really love child, did you let my light shine though you? We need to ask ourselves that question now if we are to live in the Father’s house of light. If our own child, or family member was lost in the darkness, would we wait sharing our concerns with others before trying to save the child, or would we go on alone even if no one else goes with us? We may be the only light that will come searching for the them. So should we spend our time praising our brothers and sisters of light or should we be seeking the lost in the darkness around us?

So who are the children of light? Are they found gathering together in great buildings, singing in choirs like angels, preaching from great golden pulpits or are they found seeking the lost in the darkness? It is our burning love for our Lord and the lost which makes us one before the Father? Even though we stand in the darkness, we are never in the dark, because the light of Christ is within us and we are never alone. We who try to be Christ-like often cluster together because we love one another. We come together in Christian fellowships to sing the glory of the Father who we love, but the battle is not there in the light, the battle is in the darkness of the world around us.

Our greatest strength is in knowing that those who truly love our Lord stand there in the darkness with us. They willingly give up the security of the light of others to go into the darkness alone to tell the lost about the love of our Jesus. You see, the darkness is all around us, and that is why Jesus tells us "let your light so shine". If we truly love someone, others will know even if no words are said, they will see it in our lives, in our eyes, and in our hearts, the light of love which Christ has placed in us.

As I write these words alone in my own closet, I am not alone, you who love Jesus are here with me, and you will understand my words. Let your light so shine, that those in the darkness will know that you love someone else more than you love your own life and safety. After all, that is what Christ did for us, He left His home in glory to come to this darkness to find you and me, and I see in Christ's life His love for me.

Thank you Father for your wonderful gift of light.

Your brother in Christ
joe sizemore

July 7, 1999

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