My talk with the Lord/ September 2, 2000

Stained Glass Christian

Lord I stand here before you, stained and worn,
My window of life is darkened, by Satan's evil storms.

But your love for me keeps wiping, my blood stained sin away,
Your beautiful light keeps shinning, through the darkness of this window of clay.

Others can see your light there, as it struggles to shine through,
They see the colors of the rainbow, as your loving light breaks through.

Oh Lord let your crimson blood, wipe all my stains away,
Let them see Your light there shinning, as it arises across Your crystal lake.

Take this stained glass window, change it this very day,
Let your light from heaven shine through to others, in this world of clay.
I love you Lord!

joe sizemore
September 2, 2000

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