My talk with the Lord/ October 5, 1999

A Strange Dream!

I had a strange dream the other night, which I would like to share with you. I didn't think it was too unusual at the time, but I haven't found anyone yet who has had a similar experience. It was when the same dream occurred a second time that I began to look for a meaning. I have learned to bring such things to the Lord, and ask, Father, what are you trying to teach me now, what is it I need to know?

But first let me tell you about the dream; perhaps it may not seem so strange to you. It was a normal dream for me, a bit foggy as usual, but it certainly did not have the clarity of a vision. What made the dream seem unusual was that I actually had a dream within a dream. When I have a bad dream I have learned to just refuse to stay in its presences, and I make myself awaken. This was just such a dream, but much to my surprise, as I was thinking how glad I was to have left the bad dream behind, my alarm clock rang and awoken me a second time, as I had still been dreaming.

For some reason I felt very happy about my new experience, and I shared it with others, but none had ever experienced such a dream. Upon having the experience again the following week, I turn to our Father to seek the meaning of the dream. He filled my soul with His Spirit, and told me to tell the faithful followers of Christ that their hearts are under a great attack today, and the evil of this world will try to destroy them with a power the world has not yet experienced. He told me that Satan would use the lust of our hearts to turn the children away from the Father, away from their first love, and the light of truth. We will be asked to compromise our faith to justify the evil that our hearts cannot reject. Most will know the good way, but the evil lust in our hearts will not let us follow the path to righteousness and eternal life. Only the strongest will survive.

But here is where the importance of the dream comes into the place; it is to help us to understand what is happening to us and to prepare us for the fight to come. In order for us to hold onto our first love, we are reminded that this life is but a dream. We will soon look back to see who was the master of our earthly dreams, who is the love of our hearts, and who do we allow to rule our spirits. Those who we thought were dead, died only in our dreams, and we will soon awaken to see that all our tears where for nothing, just as we now awaken from a long night's dream to see that all of our fears have vanished. So will it be for the children of the Father, but how foolish and sad others will feel when they realize that the lusts and pride of their temporary dreams have stolen the reality of eternity from them. They have let Satan blind them, as he steals their future with the lust and pride of our temporary earthly dream. We chose to wallow in our own evil mines, rather than to reject our animalistic desires so that we might focus on the loving light of the Father.

Often when we awaken from a bad dream we think how stupid our dream was, and when we awaken form this earthly life, we will see how stupid our meaningless earthly desires and knowledge were. But what a joy it will be to awaken knowing that our lives are found worthy of the price paid by Jesus on the cross of Calvary. I did not realize I was still dreaming that night, until the very moment when the alarm clock rang out for me, and so shall it be one day when the Master calls out our names. Cast away your evil dreams now, while it is still in your hands to do so. Our dreams reflect the condition of our hearts and our souls. It comes down to a matter of love, who and what do we love the most. Does our love for the Father rule our hearts or the meaningless dreams and self-pride of this world? There is a power in loving Jesus, which will give us the strength to overcome all of our dreams. When we truly love Jesus more than ourselves, then our dreams will no longer rule our lives.

God bless the Body of Christ!

Your brother in Jesus the ONLY Christ,

joe sizemore
October 5, 1999

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