My talk with the Lord/ September 22, 1999

His Tears

Could you see His tear filled eyes,
looking down from that old rugged cross,
the battle for our souls was finally won,
but at what a terrible cost.

The tears ran down His face,
like giant crystal drops,
He looked at me with an endless love,
which I knew death could not stop.

How can He still love me,
there on that painful tree,
I've given Him nothing,
yet He gives everything for me.

His face was wrenched with pain,
as the blood dripped from His side,
but He never stopped looking at me,
through those tear filled eyes.

His tears flooded my soul,
with a light that others cannot see,
it lights my way out of the darkness,
and now I can see eternity.

Almighty Father in heaven,
how can you ever forgive this sinful race,
we've taken your wonderful Son,
and put those dreadful tears upon His face.

As I look back upon the sadness of that day,
His eyes keeps saying to me,
I have loved you from the very beginning,
and now I have set you free.


The Father saw that the human race was lost and without hope, but He loved us more than we can imagine. He said there are still those on earth who can be saved, and I will reach out to them one last time. I will send them my very best, my most wonderful messenger to tell them there is still hope, but if they refuse my messenger, then I will sadly let them go. But then the question came, who in heaven is worthy, who in heaven with such power would willingly risk their own soul to come down to this evil land to tell the lost about the Father's wonderful offer? When no one was found, the only begotten Son of the Father stepped forward, and said, Father I love them too, please let me go for you!

So now when you look into the eyes of Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father, remember the tears where all for you. Don't place your heart upon this earthly land, reach out your hand to the mighty Son of the Father, and you will wipe away His tears.

joe sizemore
September 22, 1999

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