My talk with the Lord/ May 11, 2000

The Coming!

The earth is shrouded in total darkness,
The sun can no longer be seen,
Mankind's rule over the earth is pushed back,
To where God's word first began.

Yet mankind is here shivering in the darkness,
Fear now rules their lives,
There is no hope for tomorrow,
Because the sun has lost its bright light.

The lost souls curse the darkness,
But it is hopeless without the light,
Soon all will be silent,
Just as the darkness has smothered the light.

But what is that now in the far distance,
It is a tiny glimpse of light,
Its bright rays begin to light the heavens,
Beyond the sun, the stars, and skies.

And look there in the midst of the burning light,
It is the Son of God for sure,
He is coming back in glory,
Just as He said He would.

Oh Father in heaven I thank Thee,
For sending Jesus to this dark land,
His love and mercy now lifts us,
Out of the darkness once again.

I'll praise thee Oh my Father,
I'll praise Thee with my mouth and hands,
Because Jesus has come to take the children,
To Your Holy Promised Land.
joe sizemore
May 10, 2000

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