My talk with the Lord/ Octerber 4, 2000

The End of Time!

How often have you heard, time will soon be no more,
The world is coming to an end, the signs are at our very door.

The word of God has warned us, about the evil of mankind's last days,
How mankind will turn to devils, and from our loving Lord they will stray.

Many will say these words have been heard for centuries, that doomsday will soon be here,
But those who said and believed it, are the only thing that has disappeared.

The evil in mankind's heart will say, why should I believe in such myths,
They have warned us through the centuries, yet mankind's logic still persists.

But let us stop for just a moment, to think of all those who have long sense pasted,
The sands of time no longer stands, in the chambers of their hourglass.

For them the end has come, and for them this thing called time is no more,
They now stand at the end of time, they stand naked before the Father's door.

So surely this earth of clay, will also soon pass away,
But on that day what is the difference, for the people who lived in a previous age?

The end of time will have come to all, just as the prophets have said,
Christ Jesus the Master of all heaven, will now rule over the time that we have had.

So when is the end of time for mankind, only the next heartbeat can tell,
The question is where will we spend eternity, in the Father's heaven, or in mankind's eternal hell.

Lord, You servant waits.

joe sizemore
October 4, 2000

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