My talk with the Lord/ April 12, 1999

The Pure In Heart

Brothers and sisters in Christ, terrible sinners, let me tell you about the love of Jesus Christ. As many of you may know, I have written about visions on my Home Page which God has shared with me throughout my life. I have done so because I want to share with you the wonderful love my Lord has shown to me, and I promised God I would tell everyone who would listen.

There is still one vision that I have not yet shared with you, because I didn't fully understand its purpose myself until today. I had thought it was a vision meant just for me, but I now see that its love goes far beyond me. It was so simple, yet my mine searched for a greater and deeper meaning. I guess we all do that at times, even though the love of God is so beautifully simple, we humans want to make it complex.

It happened back in 1996, when Christ suddenly appeared before me. He was standing on a hill side, just outside Jerusalem. His skin and robe seem to be made of the same material, and both where a strange and beautiful color of white. He was much larger than the hill side on which He was standing, and He towered above me like a wonderful giant. He looked down at me with the gentlest smile I had ever seen. I was all alone there, and I remember thinking, what does he want with me, why is He smiling so gently at a retched sinner like me? Doesn't He know who I am? He never said a word to me; He just stood there in all His glory, with that wonderful smile which filled my soul. I knew at that moment that He truly loved me. Then as quickly as He came, He was gone.

I kept asking myself, why would my Lord show Himself to such a filthy sinner, as I knew myself to be. I prayed, Lord you know how I have failed you over and over again during my life, why do You love me so? I have since continued on with my life's journey, and I have truly committed my life to Christ. I have learned that I don't have to do great things to purchase the love of Jesus; He loved me just as He found me, but why?

Jesus has shown me many wonderful things since that time and I've tried to share them with whoever would listen. But in my heart I would keep saying, Lord, why me when there are so many wonderful Christians out there who have dedicated their entire lives to you, why would you show yourself to such an unworthy servant?

Today, I got the answer to my question. "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8). A pure heart is one that can truly see its many failures, does not lie about its sinful nature, is not boastful, and truly wants to repent. It is a heart that is ashamed of its many failures, and wants to turn all the bad things into something of value, something good.

It was a pure and loving heart, which allowed me to see my Lord that day. I knew that I was a worthless and unworthy sinner, and the loving grace of Jesus was my only hope. That is the reason why Jesus loves us so much, just the way we are, just the way He found us, and just the way He knows we will become. He knows we no longer want to walk in the darkness of the evil path, He knows that we truly love Him, and we would willingly give up all we love on this earth, just to stand in the farthest corner of His wonderful kingdom, and to be near His throne of grace. The love of a pure heart cannot be broken by this world, nor can this world understand the love that God has for those with a pure and loving heart. It is our greatest gift to our Lord, and it is required, if we are to see him.

Sinner, God loves us just the way we are; don't let the great deceiver steal your joy by telling you that God could never love a sinner like you. I am here today to tell you, God's love has no limitations, it has no end, if He can love me, then how much more does He love you.

Don't let your sinful past steal your wonderful loving future. The "King" loves us even with our evil past, He loves those who do not lie, or try to justify themselves to Him in their own hearts. He knows when we have made the decision to change our hearts and to love Him more than all the riches and desires of this world.

Sinful brothers and sisters, I am not the only one who has seen the smile of our loving Lord. Jesus lives in ever pure heart, so look into your own, and see who lives there. Cast out the evil one who lies to you about the need for human desires and self pride, be truthful to yourself first, and then decide who you want to become. We are truly judged by the works of our hearts, not by our good deed to mankind. Jesus must be the Lord of the inner person. If an apple is rotten within, it is cast aside, no matter how beautiful and perfect it may look on the outside. It is the poison within the cup that destroys the body, not the beautiful cup it is served in.

I pray that you will hear the Father's loving call to you; He is there in your heart waiting for you to look into His face, at His most wonderful smile, and His most wonderful loving grace. It is your heart that He seeks to posses, not your worldly treasures and accomplishments.

All glory to the purest heart this world has ever known, the one who is called, Christ Jesus, our Lord, our Master, and our loving King. Just reach out, and He will change your heart forever, just reach out with a pure heart, and He will take your hand, and bring you home.

"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God"
(Matthew 5:8)

Your brother in Christ,
joe sizemore
March 29, 1999

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