My talk with the Lord/ Sept 13, 1999

The Sign above My Head

There was a festival held in my home town,
just a few days ago,
the sun was brightly shinning,
as the crowds went to and fro.

The band was playing loudly,
you could hardly hear a word,
everyone seemed to be laughing,
there was not a care to be heard.

And then there came one struggling,
as through the great crowd he came,
he was carrying a huge white banner,
with a sobering message to proclaim.

It said Jesus loves you,
through Him alone you can reclaim,
the keys to the heavenly kingdom,
where love and joy will reign.

Turn away from your earthly treasures,
seek a much brighter place,
let the loving light of Jesus,
shine through your love and grace.

I could see the looks on nameless faces,
as the man slowly passed by,
you could see how his words had robbed their laughter,
as they looked out of the sides of their eyes.

Their laughter had lost its luster,
as the truth in the sign had said,
you could see it had touched their hearts,
as the words had surely been read.

Now as I walk through life's crowed journey,
could it ever of me be said,
that others can see the light of Jesus,
in the sign above my head.


joe sizemore
September 13, 1999

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