My talk with the Lord/ November 5, 1999

Are You Ready For The Surprise?

Are you ready for the surprise? When our eyes close in death to this world, what a surprise it is going to be when we first see that glorious light shinning across the universe, and to finally see our faith there standing before us. As ours eyes close in death, our thoughts of this world fade out of site, and we find ourselves totally alone in the vast outer darkness. But there before us in the distance stands a mighty fortress and the radiant beams of the Father come shinning from behind it's crystal walls.

The reality of the truth which now stands before us sends shock waves through our soul, as our lives pass before us in a flash, and all that we thought was important suddenly seems so meaningless, because this very moment is our reason for being. Why could we not have seen then what is so obvious to us now? What blinded us all those years to what is so plainly seen in this moment? All our lives the Father has stood before us in our hearts, but we aloud our own momentary desires to blind us to that which is eternal. We suddenly ask ourselves how will my life now be seen in the eyes of the Father? Oh if I could only change my stupidity!

As we stand there in that dreadful darkness we know there is a question, which must be answered. Will my name be called to come forth into the kingdom, or will the light of the Father soon fade away, and I will be left alone in this endless darkness, and what is to become of me now.

As we now look forward to that moment, we pray, Father breath on us again thy loving spirit, and open our hearts that we might see ourselves now as you will see us then, that we might love you now, as you will love us then. Oh how we pray that we could give to the unbeliever the sight which we now see in our hearts, so they would know without a doubt that there is an almighty loving Father who truly loves them.

Brother and sisters in Christ, lift up your voice this day, because our Christ comes soon, and we will no longer have the opportunity to tell others about our loving Jesus who freely lights our hearts with His unending love. Will our name be called? We answer that question today with our own love for others. Will we now call out the names of the lost, will we go and seek them out, or are they not worth seeking?

Oh what a surprise awaits us brothers and sisters, oh what sadness awaits those who will not hear, even though the Lord has been knocking at their hearts door every day. How stupid their lives will seem at that moment of surprise. But then it will be too late.

Oh Lord how we love you, and thank you for giving us your hand to guide us home. What a joyous surprise awaits the child of the Father. God bless the body of Christ, and may His light shine brightly through each of us to those who still remain in the darkness.

Your brother in Jesus, the ONLY Master, and the ONLY Christ!

joe sizemore
November 5, 1999

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