My talk with the Lord/ November 9, 1999

Do you feel the Uneasiness in the Air?

Do you feel the uneasiness in the air,
do you have a fear that maybe none will be spared,
can you see the black clouds gathering over the souls of mankind,
is there something telling you it is truly the end of man's time.

If you knew your fears would all come true,
do you think this adulterous world would even listen to you,
mankind lives in their palaces of stone and steel,
thinking it is the only thing in this world that is really real.

Mankind plays God thinking there cannot possible be,
anything greater than you or me,
and we don't have to listen to any so-called heavenly plan,
which was put into place long before the beginning of man.

But please listen to your heart if not to God's word,
and you'll know the sounds of darkness will soon be heard,
you don't have to read this in the scriptures or in a book,
you can feel it's presents standing before you but will you even look.

There is also a bright silver lining there in the far distance skies,
for those who do believe and know it is not a lie,
the light draws them up out of the darkness of the deep,
up to everlasting glory away from the darkness and eternal sleep.

And those who do hear the warnings to mankind,
will turn and listen to the words in their hearts and in their minds,
and they will know the warnings are not for them,
because the Lord will soon come and take them away with Him.

May the Father bless the Body of Christ!

joe sizemore
November 9, 1999

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