My talk with the Lord/ March 1, 1999

Wake Up Christian

Christian you thought you were safe,
from the evils of the slithery snake,
but you had better wake up,
because it will soon be too late

Satan hears the trumpets,
of Godís final call,
he knows his time is short,
he know he must soon fall

Watch as the mighty, and the holy,
are trampled under his feet,
just like the prophets foretold,
he now stands in our very streets

He tells mankind there is security,
in our rocks of silver and gold,
it will surely take care of us,
when we have all grown old

He tells us only fools,
worry about the darkness of death,
he says forget your God,
fore in Him youíll find no eternal rest

He tell us man is the only answer,
man is all there is,
why do you foolishly cherish,
your fables and useless myths

But listen to me Christian,
listen fast and listen hard,
why do you think Satan is so worried,
about a child who was foretold by a star

Canít you feel it all around you,
it is even in the air,
the one and only God Almighty,
has stood up from His holy chair

He sends His loving peace,
to all of those who wait,
He stands there before us,
opening His heavenly gate

So be not fooled Christian,
by Satan's evil ways,
fore God Almighty in Heaven,
is soon coming to take his place

Hold fast to your faith Christian,
in these final hours,
let Satan not steal your joy,
let Christ remove your cares

Christ is coming any moment,
and Satan must surely go,
but where does that leave our treasures,
of manís silver and gold

Hold fast to Godís lasting treasure,
His only begotten Son,
Jesus is the answer,
Jesus is the only One

joe sizemore
Feb. 19, 1999

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