My talk with the Lord/ Dec 2, 1998

Why Would A Loving God Allow Evil Into The World?

This is a letter to an atheist friend who asked me, why would a loving God allow evil into the world? This is a question many Christians also ask themselves. I will try to answer in the following note to my friend Dave.

Dear Dave,

If I can summarize your question,  you are asking “why” is there evil in the world, and how could a loving God allow such terrible things like babies burning alive in a fire, or why do we have great storms which cause massive destruction?  To understand, we must realize that we humans are a product of our earthly back ground, and our limited knowledge clouds our vision and understanding. Until we see the world through the eyes of Christ, from a heavenly view point, we will never understand.

We must first try to step outside our human limitations and look at our situation as God might see us. When we look down upon the human race from a heavenly view point, we realize humans are in the process of being created, and the job is not yet finished.  We are being molded into the final image which God has planned for us.  Even the finest steel must go through the hottest fire before it is pliable enough to be formed into an object that is pleasing to its creator.  It is the fire that changes the material into a new form which has lasting value. Without the fire, there is no change.  The human spirit within us is no different, and must experience the fire of evil, if we are ever to cast it out forever.  Each of us must cast out the spirit of evil, just as God has cast Satan out of heaven.

Now let us set the stage, and try to look at ourselves through spiritual eyes, instead of our limited human vision.  Let us try to put ourselves in heaven for a moment, where there is an almighty God standing there before us who created the heavens, the earth, and all there in.  There is no evil allowed to remain in our heavenly paradise.  Remember, we are not living in the limited physical world, but living in the eternal world of the spirit.  We do not have a body which will die, or experience the pains of the human animal; we can only experience the more lasting love and pain of the heart, or spirit.

As we look down upon the earth, we know that the humans will only be in their animal shell for approximately 100 years at most, and then they too will be brought into our spiritual world to live with us forever. So the first answer to the, “why are we here question”, is to prepare us for the eternal world of the spirit.  Is the amount of time one spends here on earth the important issue, or is it what we have learned that is the more important issue? We quickly come to realize that it is how we respond to what happens to us here on earth that is really the only issue.   Would we ever choose good over evil if we were given eternity here on earth or can this issue be determined more quickly? Can we be molded into a loving spirit, or not?

You see, God knows the answer to that question, but we do not, and that is why we are here, to learn who we are, and who do we truly love. Who is the true Lord of our hearts, God, or our own selfish desires?

There are some other basic issues we need to remember.  First, there was once a war in heaven, and all of the evil ones were cast out of heaven, down to this lowly earth.  Those who were cast out had knowledge of good and evil, but they chose evil over good.  That same war continues today in the hearts of each of us.  The knowledge of this war in heaven tells us that the knowledge of good and evil will never leave us, while here on earth, or in heaven.  Secondly, it was obtaining knowledge of good and evil which gave mankind our potential to become like those in God’s heaven.  It has opened the door to eternal life for us, but goodness is required for passage into the heavenly kingdom.  Thirdly, without knowledge of good and evil, we are no different than a rock.  To a rock, there is no good or evil, no love or hate, and no future.  If the rock is destroyed, it has no impact, and will not change tomorrow, today, or yesterday. One does not cry for a rock, because its future and past have no meaningful impact. And finally, the human body is no different than a rock, but it is the everlasting spirit which gives the human rock it's value.

Now with these things in mind, remember that God’s plan is to create humans in the image of those in Heaven.  So our most important task here is to become like those in heaven, to be molded into the image of those in heaven. So how does this happen?  How do we learn how to embrace good and reject evil? Remember that in heaven we still have our free will, there is still the choice of good and evil, and God does not want slaves, He wants those who willingly chose to love others more than they love themselves.  If one truly loves others more than themselves, they will always choose good over evil.   God doesn't want any more like Satan, who think themselves better than others, smarter than others, and more deserving than others.  A requirement in heaven is to truly love humbly and without limits.

Now that we have helped God created this creature called mankind, and given them free will to make their own decisions, how do we teach them to always choose good over evil, how do we teach them about a love that is greater than one's self?

We do this by putting the new creation in the mist of good and evil, and let them learn who they really are.  We place Satan and his evil followers all around these new creations, to let them see the results of evil, and to teach them that love conquers all.  If they fail this tiny earthly test, then they would surely fail the eternal test of heaven.  They would surely seek their own selfish desires over the good of others, as Satan has already done.  But if they fail, and cannot meet the requirement of loving others more than themselves, then what should we do with them?  We cannot allow them to live among us, because they would eventually destroy us too.  So we have to reject them  because they are not in the required loving image of God, but they are in the image of their master Satan, who has already been cast out of heaven for his evil deeds.  They love the darkness more than they love the light of God.

We cannot force humans to love us, so we let them make their own choice.  We do not want slaves, we want only loving souls who willingly come seeking us.  Don’t forget,  in the spirit world we never die in human terms, there is no physical death as we experience here on earth, we continue to exist forever, in heaven, or in a place outside of heaven, which is called hell.

So you see, it is not important that we humans here on earth die, because we all must face a physical death sooner or later.  So why do we see death as evil, when it is the very door which opens the gates for us into God’s heaven?   There is good and evil all around us, but which rules our lives?  We know the enemy, we have seen the results of his evil lust, but who will we follow, the loving light of God, or the evil self lust of Satan?  It is the evil of Satan which tells us death is evil, and to reject the possibility of a truly loving God.  An evil one rejects a loving God because loving others more than themselves is seen as foreign and unrealistic.  We cannot accept someone who is so different from our own nature.  We reject the spirit world of God, because it is just too different from our own nature.  Those who reject a loving creator, say in their hearts, how can there be anything greater than me? “Me and I” are the primary words of an evil heart, where, “you, them, and others”, are the primary words in a good and loving heart.

Now to answer your main “why” question Dave, God allows us to see the evil of Satan, so that we might choose the better road.  If we do not know evil, we will not see it in ourselves. The love ones which are taken from us no longer feel the pains of this world, but now stand in the loving arms of God.  Dave, why are you so sad that a love one now sits before the throne of God? Are you concerned only with the pain such things bring to you personally, and can you not see the rejoicing in heaven when as new child is brought into the everlasting kingdom?  Do you care more about your own feelings than the well being of the one whose journey here on earth is completed?  Do you love them more than your own sadness, or is this only about your unhappiness?  Can you not see, or hear the mighty bells ringing out through heaven, when another everlasting spirit is brought into the loving grace of God?

You also ask about the tragedies caused my mighty storms, and natural disasters. There are no storms in heaven Dave, but it is interesting that you only see the tragedies in a storm, and I see how all the world would be, if God’s hand did not hold back the forces of the evil storm.  It is God’s hand that does not allow the mighty storm to continue to rage on forever, and as you will soon see, God will allow the natural disasters to destroy even more in the days to come, just as He said it would happen.  This should not surprise us, just look at the evil which rules the world today and then you may understand God’s sadness that evil has conquered the hearts of mankind.  Dave, when the last soul is molded into its heavenly image, the earth will be no more.

The battle of good and evil is best seen in the life of Jesus.  Look at the evil which was cast upon His earthly life, yet He chose good in every case. Jesus came down to this earthly land to show us what true love really is, and what did He receive for His effort in the sight of mankind?  We rejected Him, we spit in His face, we slapped Him with our fist, we beat Him with straps, we called Him evil names, we jammed a crown of thorns down upon His head, we nailed Him to a cross, we would not even give Him a drink of water for His thirst, we pierced His side with a spear, and we killed Him.  And what did He do in return?  He said, Father, forgive them, fore they know not what they do. Jesus truly loved us more than He loved himself.   Even in all the human evil which surrounded Jesus, He returned our evil with His wondrous love. He could see that it is the spirit which is important, and love will conquer evil, as the love of Christ has conquered evil in the hearts of millions of His children since that dark day there on the cross at Calvary.

Dave, Jesus loves us anyway friend, there is no evil we can do against Him that He will not forgive.  The earth is still here only because there are still those who will overcome, but have not yet done so.  My greatest prayer is that you might be one of those who Jesus is waiting for.

I have tried to show you the answers to your “why” questions through my eyes, but you must see it for yourself, you must seek to open the doors to heaven yourself and I pray that you will.

Your Christian Friend,
joe sizemore 

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