My talk with the Lord/ September 22, 2000

Without You Father!

Father as this earth soars, through the limits of outer space,
how dark and dreadful it would be, without your light and loving grace.

Without You Father, there is no truth or light,
we live to die in darkness, without ever getting the answer to the question - why?

What good is all the knowledge, we have gained during our flight,
we comprehend the universe, but without you it is soon taken from our sight.

The atheists say we are freaks of nature, flung into outer space,
with no meaningful past, no future, and surly no way to escape.

But they do not hear Your voice Father, even though You cry out to them every day,
they don't understand that they are allowed here, only by Your mercy and loving grace.

They cannot see that without You Father, there would be no love in their lives,
without you, there is nothing but darkness and endless black skies.

Let them see thee Father, so they will know there is one greater than they,
one who can save them from the darkness, and lift them up from the endless grave.

But Father no matter what the world, or others may do and say,
I will follow Your Jesus forever, because I know He is the light which guides my way.

Thank you Father for the light of Christ, as He stand there before us so bright,
He has already turned my darkness, into eternal light.

I love you Father, I love you Lord Jesus

joe sizemore
September 22, 2000

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