My talk with the Lord/ September 18, 1999


As we quietly listen to a mountain stream,
it brings a calmness to our soul,
it washes away all of our cares,
and gives us dreams of gold.

The sound of a small bird singing,
there happily in a tree,
it brings a smile deep within,
where only we can see.

The sound of a tiny baby,
as it giggles and wiggles about,
shows an inward purity,
which we have long learned to live without.

But the sound of a simple word,
is a very strange thing indeed,
it can lift us to the mountaintop,
or plunges us into the depths of the deepest sea.

As a lighthouse lights our world without,
to shows us what we have not yet seen,
the word of God light our hearts within,
and tells us what our deepest dreams mean.

The outward light speaks to our sight,
words speak to that which is within,
the thing one does in the outward light,
is only a reflection of that which is within.

Words take on their fullest meaning,
where human sounds cannot be heard,
it is when we turn our voice to God,
that the words of the heart are stirred.

When sounds of the water stream,
and the bird and child are no longer heard,
the voice of God will still speak within
as He guides us by His word.


If we could play back all of our words today, what would they have really said? Would the Father be proud to hear them again, or would we be embarrassed instead? We should never forget the Father's promise, as His word has long foretold, we must account to our heavenly Father one day, for every single word on others we have bestowed.

So we should listen to our words each day, as the years make us grow old, and prepare ourselves for the question to be asked, how well is with our soul?

joe sizemore
September 18, 1999

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