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The Shifty-Parrot Website!

Before you enter this website we would like to impart upon you all the importance of turning your images ON. The poetry contained within these shiny walls relies upon the viewer seeing them in all their original glory. So please turn your images on - please!

The Shifty-Parrot website exists for one reason - poetry. We believe that poetry is an art form that should be shared with others, not something that should be hidden away and enjoyed privately.

So in the name of poetic liberation we have created this website to showcase a collection of our own works entitled "The fate of roger Riley and his Northern Band." The collection was originally published in a small slimline production, which was circulated to a few select individuals in our local area. It recieved widespread critical acclaim from both the public and members of the educational establishment, and turned us a tidy profit into the bargain. (Believe that and you'll believe anything...)

This website consists of individual scans of each of the poems taken from the original poetry book, regrettably this means that the website relies entirely on graphics files and as such may take time to download. I have taken this decision because of the layout of the original text - a lot of time was spent hand drawing the illustrations, and in some cases the poems do not work effectively as plain text. (Take a look and you'll soon see what I mean.) If you have any questions regardng this website then feel free to mail me.

Right, now that's out of the way we can move on to the interesting stuff! Please choose something from the list below & it should take you there...


This site is now part of the Athens Spotlight! Our first award! (well kind of award...) Why not take a look at their other recomendations?

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