Smaller Newspapers

[Some might have ceased publication]

Donya(World) Chief Editor Rimzil Veli, former editor of Idel, 420060 Kazan, Soltangaliev Square # 1 Tel/Fax (8432) 36-75-74 3-4 issues printed in the Latin script adopted in 1928? and abolished by Stalin in the 1938's. Primarily directed to the Tatar Diaspora

Tatar Ili (1992) Chief Editor Fuat Hamidullin, Kazan Lenin St. 17, Tel:38-65-23 in Tatar Index 54132, in Russian Index 54133

Idel-Ural 5000(1992) Editor Zamir Yakupov, Asst. Editor(s) Vildan Fatkullin, Majit Nugayev, Ufa, Pushkin St. 120 Suite 34 Tel: 23-53-38? Published in Tatar by the Tatar Democratic Group and Ufa Tatar Cultural Center

Millet 10000(1991) Editor Faniye Hujiahmet, 420111 Kazan Lobachevski St. 6/27 Published in Tatar by the Tatar People's Center- Published monthly

Izvestija TOS, 5000(1992) Editor R. Sadikov 420111 Kazan Lobachevski St. 6. Published in Russian by the Tatar People's Center and covers Politics, Economy and National Subjects.

Suverenitet 10000(1992) Chief Editor A.H. Mannanov, 420021 Kazan Kayum Nasiri St. 15 K22, In Russian Index 54134 Publib-Political newspaper of the Democratic Sovereignty Movement.

Tugan Yak 5750(1991) Editor R. F. Ibrahimov, Sergach, Nijnigorod Region, Sovetskaja St. 35 weekly in Tatar w/ some articles in Russian- targets Tatars in Moscow( Address 113134 Moscow, Mali Tatarski Pereulok 5-1) & Nijnigorod Region.

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