What are some references to Tatars and Tatarstan?

Version (1996-07-28)

We are pleased to present below a select bibliography on Tatars, compiled by Rafek Hakim, and revised and augmented by Inci Bowman. Additional titles were provided by Michael Taylor and Nermin Eren. Whenever possible, we provided brief annotations in order to make the bibliography more useful to our readers.

Part I of the bibliography includes works on Tatar culture, history, and social life, published in seven languages: 1) English [31], 2) Russian [14], 3) Tatar [9], 4) Turkish [12], 5) French [6], 6) German [2], 7) Finnish [1]. Part II includes dictionaries and language books, an additional 8 titles. The total number of entries at the present is 75.

We invite members of TMG to participate in this project by sending us references not included in this bibliography. When submitting citations, please follow the format used here, as it would greatly facilitate their addition to the bibliography.

Your comments and input are welcome.

Rafek Hakim  (rafek.hakim@mailbox.swipnet.se) 
Inci Bowman  (inci.bowman@utmb.edu) 

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