Sources in Tatar [9]:

Ahmerov, A.     Kazan Tarihi [Kazan History, in Arabic script]. Kazan, 1909. 

Gainullin, M. Tatar edipleri [Tatar writers]. Kazan, 1978.

Gubaidullin, G. Burungu Bulgharlar [Ancient Bulghars, in Arabic script]. Kazan, 1927.

Gubaidullin, G. Tatarlarning kilep chiguvi hem Altin Urda [The origin of Tatars and the Golden Horde, Arabic script]. Kazan, 1924.

Gubaidullin, G. Tatar Tarihi [Tatar History, in Arabic script]. Kazan, 1923.

Khalikov, A. Tatar khlkining kilep chigishi [The origin of the Tatar people]. Kazan, 1974.

Sattarov, G. Isymyng matur, kymner kuigan? [Your name is beatiful, who gave it to You?] Kazan, 1989.

Have you ever wondered what your name means? You can find plenty of examples of female and male names, typical Tatar names given in Tatarstan as well as some advice for parents on how to a name a baby.

Zabirov, Sh. Tatar cislology 1995 [Tatar Calendar 1995]. Hushahmet F. Kazan, 1994

The first Tatar Calendar, based on Islam. Also includes poems, anectodes, and quotations about Tatar customs and culture.

Zakiev, M.Z. Tatar khalik teleneng barlikka kilue [The emergence of the Tatar vernacular]. Kazan, 1977.

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