Tatar teleneng anglatmali syzlege [Unabridged dictionary 
                of the Tatar Language, in Cyrillic Alphabet]. 3 Vols. 
                Kazan, 1977-1981. 

A basic Tatar dictionary, with many examples drawn from everyday situations to illustrate the uses of words.

Ercilasun, Karsilastirmali Turk Lehceleri Sozlugu; Turkiye, Azerbaycan, A.B., etal. Baskurt, Kazak, Kirgiz, Ozbek, Tatar, Turkmen, Ugur Turkceleri ve Rusca [Comparative Dictionary of the Turkic Languages]. 2 volumes. Ankara, 1992.

Compiled by Prof. Ercilasun and eight other linguists, this reference works includes 7,000 words in Turkish, and the corresponding terms in Turkic languages and Russian. Volume 2 is the the cross index.

Ganiev F.A. Tatarcha-Ruscha Suzlek [Tatar-Russian Dictionary (25,000 words)]. Kazan, 1995.

Rashitov, A. Koyashli il-vakhet ile [Sunny Land-Land of Happiness]. Kazan, 1981.

If you want to learn the Tatar Language (and if you speak Russian), this book will help you. Many common phrases from everyday situations, basic grammar for beginners.

Safiullina F.& Tatar tele, razgavornik hemde grammatik [Russian-tatar phrase Yusupova A. book and grammar]. Kazan, 1991.

An easy and fun way to learn the Tatar grammar and phrases. With illustrations and jokes, written entirely in Tatar.

Safiullina F.& Russca-tatarca razgavornik. [Russian-tatar phrase book and Galiullina grammar]. Kazan, 1986.

Shakhmayev, S. Tatar: Tatar-English/English-Tatar Dictionary. New York, 1994.

Zakiev, M.Z. Tatarskii yazik/Tjorskie yazik [Tatar/Turkish Language]. 1966.

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