The Top 25 albums of the ´80s 
At the end of the cold war, during the decade   
that spawned MTV, yuppies and Compact Discs,   
these were the albums that ruled the charts... 
Browse the 25 albums that spent the longest 
amount of time at Number One on American "Billboard" magazine's album chart during the Eighties.  

Emulation Information  
Feeling a bit nostalgic about the Eighties?   
Enjoy the authentic sights, sounds and fantastic gameplay of classic arcedegames like PAC Man, Galaga and Xevious in the privacy of your own home. Or relive the era of the first truly popular home computer, the Commodore 64. Or try out the whole array of game machines, from Colecovision to Supernintendo.   
Its fun, its free, and it ain´t even illegal.  

World Tour  
A very personal view of the world, seen through the web. 
A fantastic voyage around the planet and through the known universe, a glimpse of your own position in the infinite void, visions and aural delights beyond comprehension.   
Or at least  that's what I hope it will be like once I get around to finishing it.   

Get informed, entertained or confused  
A selection of my favorite sites, ranging from the extremely useful to the downright silly, the only common denominator being that they're all absolutely free for anybody to use.  

About me  
A bit about the guy whose name is on the sign.   
Just the basic whos, wheres and whats. Someday, if I get enough cash together to buy a decent scanner, I might put up a few pictures.  


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