If you are a non-Kapampangan who wish to learn the language or if you are of Kapampangan descent but you are either a non-speaker or wish to improve your knowledge of Kapampangan, this page could be of help to you. It is composed of several sections: a trilingual dictionary (English-Kapampangan-Pilipino), a Simplified Grammar Help, a Teach Yourself section (tutorial) which is a series of simplified lessons in Kapampangan conversation and grammar (presently being developed), and a section on Conversation Exercises. There is also a section maintained by Andro Camiling which is a collection of basic/common expressions. Other materials which can be used to expand one's knowledge of the language are being added from time to time, i.e. Words for Fauna & Flora, Parts of the Body, etc.. There is also a Kapampangan Newsletter which includes a "Learn to Speak Kapampangan" section that is a joint undertaking of Manolo Gatbonton and Vic Sibal, who are members/officers of the Pampango Language Club of Norfolk, Virginia.



Hypertable of Contents


Tri-Lingual Dictionary
Garalitang Kapampangan
(A Simplified Kapampangan Grammar)
 Teach Yourself Kapampangan
Common Expressions
(by Andro Camiling)
 Kapampangan Tutorial
Kapampangan-Malay Connections
Ancient Kapampangan Writing (Pamagkulit) 
(by Michael Pangilinan) 
Kapampangan Fauna & Flora
(by Michael Pangilinan & Armando Regala)
Parts of the Body
(by Armando Regala) 
 Diparan (Kasebian)
(from Ing Susi)

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Date created: June 3, 1997
Date last Updated: March 4, 2002

  Armando A.B. Regala
email: mandy@emailko.com