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.....Step inside, open your mind, and see what lies behind.....

"An it harm none, do what ye will"

Witches were hunted and killed during the BURNING TIMES. In 1959 Witchcraft experienced a resurgence. Led by Gardener, the Craft was once again rekindled. Due to the repeal of the anti- witch laws in Europe, he published the first Witchcraft magazine. Today, Wiccans and Pagans alike are educating the public on our religion. Our channel on DalNet serves a dual purpose: 1) To provide a place for meeting Wiccian and Pagan religions, and 2) To educate the public on the Pagan/Wiccan religions. We cannot, and WILL NOT, cast spells for non-pagans, so please, DONT ASK. Feel free to join us in discussing the Wiccan/Pagan religions, and ask any questions that you feel will ease your mind about us.

We at #WC_102 ask that you PLEASE READ THIS

The pentacle is an ancient symbol of protection. It is exactly opposite of the INVERTED PENTAGRAM used by Satanists.

Interested in the origins of the PENTACLE? Click here for a lesson on it

Interested in reading the Charge of the Goddess? Click HERE

Interested in reading The Rule of Three? Click here.

Interested in reading The Earth Religion Anti-Abuse Resolution? Click here.


We at #Witchcraft_102 know that there are a lot of questions about Witches/Pagans. Torin went to the trouble of typing up a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Sheet. It is located HERE.

  • Nikolete -- She's been around as long as the channel has been...An excellent teacher
  • HornDawg -- Me. A witch in training, and Home Page Creator
  • Armand` -- Check out his Home Page
  • WoodSprite -- She's one in a million (thank the Goddess)
  • ^WolfSong^ -- If ya got a problem, he'll be able to help ya out
  • _Cassiopia_ -- This lady is one of the best instructors I've ever met...She wrote a lot of the lessons you'll find here
  • Faucon -- Well...what do I say? Faucon is....Faucon
  • Jaisin -- He's an okay Joe...He should be able to help ya if ya need help
  • Oakdancer -- A very funny guy...and very helpful too

    As you can see, the channel has gone through some MAJOR changes. A lot of people have left the channel, but with any luck it should be back at full force within a few weeks. If I missed anyone, please let me know. Either catch me on DALnet or contact me by email (located at the bottom of this page).

    We keep files on many different subjects here. Here you can learn about many things. Keep your eye on this section, if you have the desire to learn.

    Click HERE for the lessons.

    Oklahoma Pagan Awareness League (OPAL)
    Bell, Book, and Candle
    The Craft (by Selene)
    Witches League for Public Awareness-South Carolina
    Minerva StarrKitten's Home Page
    Armand's Home Page
    Witches' League for Public Awareness
    Sunwyn's Home Page
    Pagan/Wicca Page
    Arachne's Web
    #wicca Home Page
    Wicca Resources
    Wiccan Rede
    Horned Owl Library: What is Paganism? What is Witchcraft?
    Wisdom of the Earth
    Cerridwen's Home Page
    Arachne's Web
    The Nine Houses of Gaia
    Introduction to Wicca
    Midnight Garden Aezrael's Wiccan/Pagan Source Pages

    I'd like to rave for a minute. Some of our banners (the ones with gold frames) were created by Sher. She is the most AWESOME Net artist I've ever met. Make sure to visit her homepage. To visit just click HERE. Thanks Sher =).

    This page was updated on 10 August 1997. I will be adding more lessons and links ASAP. Brightest blessings.


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