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WORDY: Scripture Memorization Software

GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Christian,

COMMENTS: This page will take you to information about purchasing a Bible Memorization CD-ROM from Rue Publishing. Bob recently sent me a complementary CD-ROM and I have had a good time looking around!

Take the drudgery out of Bible memorization with this software. There are 4 game modes available. Mode #1 allows two players to compete by clicking which word comes next when given a reference and scrambled words from a verse. Hurry! Do this before your candles burn out! Mode #2 is similar to Mode #1 except the words are scrambled AND more words than necessary are given. Mode #3 allows the two players to compete by being the first one to guess what the Bible reference is from a given list as the verse is flashed word-by-word in order. You must do this before a tank of water is depleted. Mode #4 is similar to Mode #3 except the words are filled in in random order making it harder. After each round, take a look at who is ahead...scores are posted and watch the animated race cars zoom upward taking the lead. Don't like the competition part? can choose the 1 player version and just have the computer keep track of your score. There are ten graduated Scripture Verse Sets (each verse set has 15 verses) included in both the KJV and NIV versions.

But wait! You don't want to use their ten verse sets? Here is the BEST part! You can even type in your own verse sets in your own preferred version with WORDY's built-in editor! Now go ahead and use YOUR verses to use all four game/modes.

Links: Legal/Advocacy

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

COMMENTS:The Bible tells us to be "salt" and "light" in today's society.Getting involved in current issues is necessary for the Christian and to do that we must be well-informed. There are organizations that can inform us of these current issues. This link takes you to my husband's site where links to these organizations can be found. Since he did quite alot of working building this page, it seemed a shame to re-invent the wheel! He has provided links to organizations such as the following:

*Home Education Information Resource
*Homeschool Legal Defense Association
*American Family Association
*Phyllis Schafly's Eagle Forum
*The Rutherford Institute
*American Center for Law and Justice--
(Christian Legal Rights)

Moments With the

GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Christian, fundamental

COMMENTS: Moments With the Book publishes over 200 titles of gospel tracts. You can read most of tracts online but here is the NEATEST feature of all! You can share these same tracts through e-mail and e-cards! Many tracts are available for seasonal use.

They also have a publication entitled, Moments For You which you can choose to receive at home. This publication "delivers doctrinally sound, fundamental reading encircling a common theme". Back-issues are also available. However, any of the articles in these issues are available to read on their site, so you can also e-mail or add these articles to your favorites (a feature on their site) and then send a lovely card using the article as a back of the card! Their are also inspirational poems you can choose from on this site too.

They also have available short interactive quizzes you can send to people via e-mail. One is a quiz to find out if you are going to heaven. Then, a score is given (as to how sinful you are) and then a button is given to find out more about this subject. Of course, the crux of the quiz is to show that we are ALL sinners and NO ONE is going to heaven on their own merit but must have a personal relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.After the quiz, the gospel is given to the quiz-taker and an opportunity to receive Christ as their Savior too. Imagine sending this around to your friends!What a fantastic web witnessing tool!!!

Of course there are also Christian greeting cards to send from this get to select the picture that goes, the background, the text color, the poem inside and what is on the back. Play around with this some and see how it works by sending some to yourself. Remember, anything you find on their site you can hit the "Add to Your Favorites button" and have whatever you selected available to you to send out on the back of the next greeting card you send.

You can order their catalog, tracts, cassettes, videos and books from this site too. Everything is here for your witnessing needs...spend some time here and let us take the web for Christ!

Christian Coloring Pages


COMMENTS: This site is from a Resources Page for Catholic Eduators but the free coloring pages could be used by all!

My husband wrote a booklet about the Rapture several years ago to answer many of the questions asked about it, the anti-Christ or Beast, the Tribulation, when it all comes to pass,"666" and more;


He has just produced it as an E-Book which he would love to send you by e-mail for FREE.

To get your free copy simply EMAIL HIM and he will get it right back to you as
quickly as he can.

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