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Welcome to the Latino sine Flexione World Wide Web site!

The purpose of this Web site is to provide information on Giuseppe Peano's Latino sine Flexione auxiliary language for international communication among peoples of different mother tongues.

Latino sine Flexione was also known as  Interlingua. This name Interlingua is used to name several different projects, there's Interlingua the machine translation language that facilitates translation of Japanese and English texts, there's Interlingua the foreign language school which teaches a variety of tongues, and of ourse there's Interlingua of IALA, of which you'll have a chance to learn about through links on this site.

Please remember that these pages are under construction at the moment, and more material will be added on a continuous basis. If you bookmark this site and visit from time to time, you'll notice changes and additions and unfortunately perhaps some typos or bugs, feel free to send an email message to help us improve this site, your comments are welcome.

or Latin sine Flexione, to be used as an auxiliary language between peoples of different mother tongues by many members of Academia pro Interlingua (1931).

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