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Bank of Latvia Bank of Estonia Bank of Lithuania
Bank of Latvia Bank of Esthonia Bank of Lithuania
These banks are providing the latest updates on current currency of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Medieval Livonian Numismatics.
The overview on Livonia coinage by William Urban.

Artur's Paper Money.
Excellent publications, covering the paper money, used in Latvia. The point of view of experienced paper money collector.

Russian Coin & Banknote.
Brilliant website by Sadanori Sekine, showing the distinguished coins and banknotes from his collection.

Ancient Greek & Roman Coins.
My favorite ancient coins site, created by Doug Smith. The best explanations on Ancient coinage, I have seen on the Web so far.

Early Islamic Coins.
The source with wide information on different periods and areas of Islamic coinage by James N. Roberts.

The Coins and History of Asia.
The site by Thomas K. Mallon-McCorgray, recommended for everyone, who is looking for information on coins from Asia.

Mazzi Michele's Currency Pages.
A big collection of coins and banknotes from around the world. Swap lists and many links to other sites.

Swappers and Collectors Everything for collectors! Search engines, 1000ís sites & collectors listed, newsgroups, message board... Add your Free listings!

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