If you want to try an ESL quiz, you've come to the right place. The quizzes posted here concentrate on vocabulary linkining exercises and reading comprehension questions. There are only seventeen to choose from at the moment, but we'll be adding more when we can. There are two very easy low beginner level quizzes, a couple of intermediate level but most are designed for students with a good vocabulary and a firm grasp of grammar. There is a time limit to each quiz and especially with the more difficult ones you have to move quite fast to complete them in time. All of the quizzes are linked to the websites were the text and images came from. Hope you enjoy them and - Good Luck!

The two very easy quizzes are :

Peter the Teacher Peter's life in Tokyo - featuring the Simple Present Tense.

Simon's Birthday Present Peter buys a bithday present - featuring 'going to'.

The three intermediate quizzes are:

Lawrence of Arabia Learn about the exploits of one of Britain's greatest heroes.

Japanese Schools A look at the life of Japanese schoolkids.

Earthquakes in Japanese Schools Find out what the kids do when there is an earthquake.

Breadline Learn about the Depression.It may happen again

The more difficult quizzes are :

Einstein Try your hand at incredibly difficult physics, and see how clever Einstein really was.

Dinosaurs Take a look at the stars of 'Jurassic Park'.

Japanese History From the earliest times to today, a brief look at Japan's past.

Repression in Burma The background to the military regime in Myannmar.

The Amritsar Massacre Britain's terrible day of shame, hundreds killed by British troops in India.

1897-1997 A century of great change, but so many things are still the same.

Lewis and Clark Find out why Jefferson wanted the lands in the west of America.

The Internet Trace the beginnings of the web we all know and love.

Sporting Fever From the World Cup in 1930 to the Berlin Olympics - a look at mass sport.

Kundun From Martin Scorcese's fine movie, the story of the Dalai Lama and his struggle for freedom.

Christmas Take a look at Christmas customs in the UK. Ho ho ho! Have you been a good little child?

Airport Safety Just how safe are our airports - a scary report. Only non-terrorists, please.

A note for teachers. All of the quizzes above were created at the International Conversation Centre in Tokyo using Half-Baked Software's JBC version 1.0. Feel free to use any of them in your own lessons. If you wish to incorporate them into a webpage, please make a link back to this site. Thanks.
To download the software (it's free) go to JBC version 1.0

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