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2/18/99 - I am still around, incase any of you were wondering! I am now getting back to my art side, and working in paint programs and Vivid Raytracer, and having a blast. If I ever finish up my image, I may post it on this page. Joyous has been on hold indefinetly since about last November. When/If I feel like finishing it, it will get done.

In the exciting sequal to Joyous Rebel, you travel across the vast landscape in search of answers to questions posed by the foils of your journey. Enter the many towns, castles, caves and dungeons in search of help, battle, and glory!

To travel this heralded trail, thy only need a 486 machine with 16 megs. But, shall you not forget that without a SoundBlaster or Gravis Ultrasound you will be a deaf adventurer.

It's here! Get your copy of the demo. Joyous Rebel 2 Demo!!!
Joyous Rebel 2 Patch To Make It Work!!!

Reviews and Stuff!!! "I had a chance to play the alpha all the way through and was very impressed by your use of a simple yet extreemly effective combat interface which takes a step past the typical FF system into something unique and much better both artisticly and in concept. Combat was easy enough to be fast when needed, and complex enough to allow for stratigic choices and combinations when tuffer adversaries called for it." - Pendragon's Review from
Red Dragon Software
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Qwat ranks a 4 out of 5 on the list of Tetris-a-likes!

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