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Pointers to the Camino de Santiago

I have collected here some pointers to web sites where you can find interesting information about the Camino de Santiago, the medieval route to the tomb of St. James the Apostle.
Please, drop me a line if you know of any sites that you wish to add to my list.

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C'è anche una versione italiana di questo sito.

El Camino de Santiago - a site at UCLA, but originally developed at the Northwestern University (Department of Hispanic Studies). Plenty of pictures and texts about the Camino (many documents are written in spanish). Among them:
Xacobeo - the official site of the Xunta de Galicia. It is a very rich site on the Camino, available in several languages (english, galician, spanish, french, german, portuguese, italian). There is also a good guide for those who want to carry out the route to Santiago by bicycle: follow the link Trip.
The official site of the city of Santiago de Compostela: general information and details about the Camino.
Chemins-compostelle, a great French site, where you can find maps of the Camino Frances, as well as of the other Caminos in Spain and France.
The whole Camino Francés mapped on Google Maps!

For pictures of the Camino with captions in 6 languages, you should visit
The description of a pilgrimage from Le Puy to Santiago (on foot) written by Andrea Kirby: don't miss it.
A short guide for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, written by Antti Lahelma (this seems to be a mirror copy of the original one, that disappeared): novices should definitely read it, but everybody will appreciate this page.
At you shall find one of the richest sites about the camino: plenty of information, detailed maps, historical notes and practical advice for those who want to make the pilgrimage on foot, bike or even on horseback. Available both in Spanish and English. is an other multilingual rich site (S, GB, F), with an original discographic section and good FAQ's.
The site of the Fundación Árboles para el Camino provides interesting annotated aerial maps of the Camino.
From Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela - a pilgrim's report, available both in english and in italian, written by Paolo Giaretta, who travelled by bicycle from Roncesvalles to Santiago in 8 stages.
A very rich site from Switzerland in German, French and English. Plenty of useful information - an enormous list of links - and every saturday, there is a new issue of Jakobs-News, an electronic magazine about the Camino.
At Mundicamino you will find a portal about the Camino, with pages in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese; an interactive map provides rich information about the route.
Salvador Miranda shows us his own Camino. Really useful the "what to bring" section.
An other pilgrim on the net: Daniel Sancho Ehlert describes (in Spanish) the Ruta de la Plata, from Sevilla to Astorga. Daniel maintains an interesting set of links to web resources about regions and towns on the Route (not necessarily sites devoted to the Camino).
A brazilian site rich of very nice pictures is managed by Guy Veloso and Antonio Fonseca (in Portuguese).
An other brazilian site will provide you with many good references to the Camino (in Portuguese).
Pilgrim's ways in Middle Ages (Strade di pellegrinaggio nel Medio Evo) is a large site of the Italian Associazione Lombarda di Studi Jacopei per il Ripristino degli Itinerari Compostellani, Romei e Ierosolimitani, managed by Dario Monti and Rosalba Franchi. They deal (in Italian) with many aspects of the pilgrimage, with reference both to Santiago and to the other major pilgrimages of the Middle Ages.
The Junta de Castilla y León manages a site that describes (in spanish) the Camino through Castilla y León; there is historical and touristic information, with a hypertextual organisation that allows you to visit their pages either by following the Camino or by focusing on specific themes (gastronomia, museos, Semana Santa, camping). Among them:
Friends of the Road to Santiago - the unofficial site of the American friends of the Camino. It is an old page and the association does not exist any more (I think). But you can also visit the site of the American Pilgrims on the Camino, a non-profit organization whose objective is to facilitate communication and camaraderie between U.S. pilgrims.
Walking the Camino de Santiago: you can find here a rich list of classical books on the Camino.
Eurovia – Website of the Association for The Establishment of European Pilgrimage Routes.
José Roberto Pinto de Almeida and Aurelio Moreira da Silva "are two engeneers, that planned to cross Santiago's Route by bike, when attending to an extension course at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro".
After their trip, they developed a site "to show to all the ones who appreciate nature, arts, and adventurous sports, adding bits of magic and religiosity, that exists a milenar route that leads pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, perfect to be crossed by bike, waiting for anyone who wants to take a chance".
There are versions of their site in Portuguese, English, Spanish.
Among their interesting pages, I would suggest to have a look at:
Plenty of useful information for those who want to face the Camino have been written (in French) by Maria de la Calle Escudero and Jacques Boissaire. A great site, that you should not miss, if you wanto to reach Santiago on foot.
There is also a blog on the Camino, On the way to Santiago - Tales from the Camino, written by John Mifsud - tales, discussions and pictures from the road.
And what about Simone Luchini, who built a site where he copied my own page, in order to protect it from any possible virtual storm over the net? I couldn't miss a link to his site (in Italian); please note a very useful page with "technical advice" for facing the pilgrimage.


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