Operation Downfall: My Dads Service

My Dad served in the Philippines during World War 2, on Cebu specifically. He used to talk about how he was slated for the Invasion of Japan. I always wondered if that were really true. One year, God rest his soul, he put together a wall hanging of all his patches, ribbons and service awards. And now I have that. Sure enough, I think he was right. Here is what I found.

The 1st Cavalry Division in World War II.

1st Cavalry Division patch.  Bismarck Archipelago Campaign, Admiralty Islands, Philippines, invasion of Leyte, Luzon Island, and were the first American division to enter Manila.  Instead of invading with Operation Olympic on X-Day, November 1, 1945, the 1st Cavalry Division participated in a long period of occupation duty in Japan. US Army Forces, Western Pacific Area patch. Established in June 1945, headquartered at Manila, Philippine Islands, the Command was assigned the task of training, supply and administrating over all American Forces in that area.

The 'ruptured duck' insignia was issued to service personnel who were about to leave the military with an Honorable Discharge. It also allowed them to continue to wear their uniform for up to thirty days after they were discharged since there was a clothing shortage at that time. This showed the MP's that they were in transit and not AWOL.
The Army Good Conduct Medal (AGCM) is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active Federal military service. The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal was awarded to personnel for service within the Asiatic-Pacific Theater between 7 December 1941 and 2 March 1946. The WW II Victory Medal was awarded to all military personnel for service between 7 December 1941 and 31 December 1946. Philippine Liberation Medal was awarded to anyone who served in battles/campaigns for the liberation of the Philippines from October 17, 1944 to September 3, 1945, or for at least 30 days service in the Philippines or its territorial waters. July 4th,1946 Philippine Independence Medal was awarded to personnel who are recipients of both the Philippine Defense and Philippine Liberation ribbons.  Oddly enough my father was NOT awarded the Philippine Defense ribbon.  So more research here is needed.

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