Company K
4th Alabama Cavalry (Roddey's) Regiment
C. S.A.

Hello, my name is Richard B. Davis and welcome to my website honoring the service of five of my confederate ancestors during the War Between the States. In 1861, Esom D. Kelley, James M. Kelley, Philemon J. Kelley, John Tyler Kelley, and Benjamin Dekalb Kelley, of their own free will and accord, took up arms to defend the Confederate States of America against hostile northern invaders and prevent further erosion of Alabama's state rights. They were all brothers and entered the service together, with two of the them making the supreme sacrifice of giving their lives for what they believed in. This page is dedicated to my two sons, Joshua Tyler Davis and Jason Alexander Davis, so they will never forget the courage and bravery of their Great-Great-Great Grandfather and Uncles, and what the word "sacrifice" really means.

Come and meet the Kelley Brothers

CPT Esom D. Kelley

1LT James M. Kelley

3LT Philemon J. "Buck" Kelley

PVT John Tyler Kelley

PVT Benjamin Dekalb Kelley

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