Links, Fun or Useful, sometimes both....

Interesting discussion of supposed correspondences of enneagram with other systems/physics/ordbit of Jupiter etc....

Some pages on the alleged Naqshabandi Sufi origin of the enneagram as claimded by Laleh Bahktiar- Dr Bahktiar's overview and some further discussion...
A Fourth Way site with good stuff on the "Enneagram of Process".

Arnold Keyserling's "Chance and Choice" This is some very interesting syncretist stuff including the enneagram (and much else). I haven't got my head around it yet. There is a whole worldview/philosophy here. Keyserling was born in 1922 and apparently studied with Gurdjieff among others. He had a famous father (also called Keyserling!) If you have a view on this stuff please let me know.

Aro Buddhists (Tantric)

Thomas Hightower's important page on Gurdjieff's Octave & Musical Octave . And another site relevant to Gurdjieff's music , and a Impossible Correspondence with stuff relevant to Gurdjieff's Octave and much else.A page explaining the Development of Musical Tuning Systems is also useful.The system Gurdjieff's octave seems to be based on is Just Intonation.

Link page of Enneagram Monthly site, and also Link page of Enneagram Central site, and Disinfo's enneagram links page , and a links page on a Fourth Way site.

Gurdjieff & Systematics Link NodeRepresents the "Bennett lineage" of the Fourth Way. Also see another site related to the previous one with more "technical and reasearch" Bennett lineage stuff (ie more useful!).

Axis Sophia Excellent Fourth Way web-site with lots of stuff on the enneagram of "Body Types"; a typing system advocated by one school of thought within the diverse Fourth Way community. Representative of the "Collin lineage" of the Fourth Way.

A fascinating, and heavy, site or "electronic journal"dedicated to the Enneagram and EMBTI (aka Meyer-Briggs) personality typing symbols. Some will remember that Enneagram personality guru Riso proposed a correlation of these systems (which of course should exist if they both work, and both deal with personality). Also see a site with a brief summary/overview of various typing systems, including Meyer-Briggs

Some stuff on the Enneagram and Pythagoras is on the Kosmic Egg page and is worth a look.
The relationship between the enneagram/octave and Pythagorean ideas is of course fairly obvious. For an interesting and suggestive site about the relationship between the elements of life and the octave, see (and hear) about Molecular Music ....

And, again, Dave's Enneagram Pages has some interesting links attached. Also see also the link pages of this Holland-based (but partly English language) site, "enneagram world" ; and French-language "Enneagram Institute" site . Also see this link to a number of Enneagram message boards

Chakra Link Node, which does not yet include new Sahaja Yoga account of chakras . (Note that "the Void" appears to be what others call the solar plexus chakra).

Some handy resources: On-line Western Esoterica, and associated The Hermetics Resource Site ; Sacred Text Archive ; and Berkeley's On-Line Medieval and Classical Library , also NetSerf's Medieval Religion search-page may be useful;and you also will find in Totse's Miscellaneous Religious Texts some useful stuff amidst the blatant nonsense. The influence of Eastern Christianity on the Fourth Way is well known at least in theory, so this scholarly Byzantine Religion Resource site is no doubt worth a search.
I suspect this links page on Nestorian Christianity will prove to be in a class of its own...

Ogham Link Node
Free Thoth Tarot Divination!

Or, for those with Celtic tastes... On-line Ogham divination, also free.
Or, for those who like their divinations to have a certain amount of academic rigour, consider the free birth charts offered by the Astrodienst people.
Then again, there is The Mystical Smoking Head of Uncle 'Bob',and more on "Bob" ? again.

Another on-line divination site is at facade offering runes tarot and others.

A page from Jessamyn's pleasant relaxing journal.

A very nice Rune site , part of a divination webring. Whether it works or not....?

I'm just getting together some links on the Creation of the Universe ....physics stuff, and no I don't understand it very well at this stage.

New Tolpuddle Anarchist is another site that I maintain off and on.