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Adobe Builder
February 6th,2003

Adobe Construction

Adobe International, Inc Adobe Construction, Adobe Bricks
Added 5.March.2001

Adobe Machines, pressed earth block machines using today's technology
Added 5.March.2001

ABS- Alternative Building Systems
Added 5.March.2001

Architecture for Humanity
April 3,2004

Architects Home Page

Architects Without Borders
December 10,2002

The Art of Natural Building
June 6th,2003
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Builders Without Borders
"Builders Without Borders is an international network of ecological builders who form partnerships with communities and organizations around the world to create affordable housing out of local materials, and to work together for a sustainable future."
Added 18.October.2001

Build 4 Health
"It is my hope that you will want to visit this page often to explore with me the growing need to find ways to design, build and maintain healthier buildings that are both good for the occupants and safe for the environment in which they reside. See new tips each month." Marston Gregory, B.B.E.I.
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CalEarth Forum
"Imagine building a beautiful home with high, arched ceilings out of little more than water, some barbed wire and the dirt in your own backyard for about $1,500, then finishing it off with tile, ornate windows and a few furnishings, all for a total of $7,000, excluding labor. Single room domes are even less and can be constructed in a matter of days.

"My work is to create the most beautiful structures out of the simplest materials," Khalili said.
Students, artists, architects, environmentalists and writers from all over the world have converged upon Hesperia to rediscover the simple power of earth, air, water, and fire (heat from the sun) - the only ingredients necessary for Khalili's fire-proof, flood and earthquake resistant domes.
Khalili's California Institute of Earth, Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth) has even gained the attention of United Nations researchers. One U.N. official said the ceramic domes are ideal for environmental refugees, disaster-ridden areas and people who live in slum housing because Khalili's superadobe eliminates many of the obstacles aid agencies face when providing assistance....."
(Article in Hesperia Star, July 4th,2000.)

Canadian Building Digest
June 6th,2003

Center for Resourceful Building Technology
February 6th,2003

Centre for Earthen Architecture
February 6th,2003

Cob Cottage Company-Home Page
Added 5.March.2001

Construction Methods for Low Cost Housing
Added 22.October.2000

CRASH is "a private sector charity working with homelessness charities in the UK to improve their premises for service delivery."
Added July 30,2002

Cypher International Ltd:
"Builds environmentally friendly and economical roads that use no contaminants and require no maintenance. We do considerable infrastructure work including mostly roads, housing, lagoons, dikes, irrigation canals, water retention ponds, foundation, environmentally friendly dust control, agricultural pads, landing strips etc."
EarthBlocks ...."are used around the world whether for emergency relief or for sustainable development and low cost thrid world housing. The EarthBlocks machines are very low cost and high technology has been used to build in low technology labor intensive employment and dignity in developing countries where employment has reached catastrophic levels."
Added September 25,2002
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The Dirt Cheap Builder Online
June 6th,2003

Dome of a Home

Dome Homes-Modular Homes Manufacturers

Down to Earth
August 16,2002
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East Coast Yurts
"Every East Coast Yurt is cutom built by hand to insure the finest craftsmanship with hand picked materials. We stand behind our yurt!"
Also see: Yurts by Pente Camping Yurts Home Page.
December 9,2002

The Earth Building Foundation, Inc.

Earth Building Research Forum
February 6th,2003

Earth Sheltered Homes
February 6th,2003


Earthship: Tire Wall

The Earthship Biotecture

The Earthship Internet Community

Eco Brick Sytems cc
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Global Balance Institute
Added 5.March.2001

Green Home Building
Added 14 May 2003
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Hands On: Earthen Architecture
February 6th,2003

Hartworks: Earthbag Papercrete House
Added May 14,2003

Home On Earth
February 6th,2003

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Inter-Americas Adobe Builder Magazine Online
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Mark Sauer Construction, Inc.
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Natural Building Resources at

Natural Spaces Domes
Added 5.March.2001

Networks Productions
June 6th,2003

Nomad Shelter Yurts of Homer,Alaska
Added 14.November.2002

Northerns Adobe Program
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Pacific Yurts
June 6th,2003

Papercrete & Low Cost Homes
June 6th,2003

Paper Log House- Shiguru Ban

Pressed Adobe Earth Blocks
Added 5.March.2001
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Rammed Earth-The Australian Connection
February 6th,2003

Rammed Earth Buildings by Burlington Construction, Inc.
Added February 2, 2001
Rammed Earth Development, Inc.
Randome Shelter
Resources for Environmental Desing Index (REDI)1,900 Green Building Materials
Added 5.March.2001
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Shelter Systems
June 6th,2003

Stabilized Earth Brick Technology
April 11,2005

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Building Directory
August 16,2002

Sustainable Sources
Very fine site-see their Articles and Discussion Groups pages, for example.
April 3,2004
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The Monolithic Dome-Surviving Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Truly Portable Yurts and Domes
June 6th,2003
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Vastu Shilpa Foundation
February 6th,2003

Adobe bricks with a simple tool.
Added March 7,2002.
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World Shelters: Emergency Shelters
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The Yurt People

June 6th,2003
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