The KAPATIRAN of Kali-Eskrima-Arnis is a non-profit organization

based out of Vallejo, Ca. that promotes awareness and appreciation of the

Philippine culture through the practice and teachings of Filipino

Martial Arts, Dance and Drama.

The organization, created in 1992 was a collaboration of two Filipino

Martial art instructors - David A. Ducay of the DOCE PARES system of

ESKRIMA and Eddie Lastra of the Lastra Brotherhood ARNIS . The

two created a Martial Arts Demonstration team to promote the Philippine

culture through the indigenous arts of KALI, ESKRIMA and ARNIS DE MANO.

At the time the name given to the group was Samahan Ng Arnis.


The two instructors then set forth in full strength achieving their

goal, in opening the publics eyes to Filipino Cultural Arts

and doing so demonstrated their arts at the (Filipino Independence

Week in Vallejo, Napa College Cultural Week, Diablo Valley College

in Concord, Chevron International day San Ramon).


During the summer of 1993 a dramatic change to the demonstration

group took place, the group added two new attractions to their

demonstrations. A Filipina dance instructor was brought in to instruct

the group members in folklore dances called the Sin-Kil and the Sakuting, two

dances that the Filipino Martial Arts of Kali-Eskrima-Arnis was to

be hidden during the Spanish conquest, in the 14th Century.


At the same time Guro David Ducay being involved in Dramatic Arts

with his background as a director and fight choreographer brought forth

inserts from various stage and screen plays , inserts from critically acclaimed

play TNTs "Is America in the Heart", screen play "RAJAH" and Back to

Bataan . All relating to the historical moments of Filipino history.

By adding Dramatic Arts to the demonstrations the demo's would employ and

display Filipino Culture differently then any other organizations .


The added changes to the groups demonstration with the Martial

Arts of Kali-Eskrima-Arnis was no longer alone to bring out the

attention of Filipino culture and incorporating these arts

the demonstration group could present to the audience presences

of Komedya (stage plays).

Because of the rising number of skirmishes of Filipinos who were opposed

to the Spanish rule back then, the practice of Kali was outlawed.

The Komedya's were socio-religious plays and besides dance these plays

were also a way to practice their warrior arts under the disguise of

harmless entertainment.

And incorporating the arts into demonstrations a repertoire, the

name of the group had to be taken into consideration.

A Tagalog name was brought forth and born was the KAPATIRAN

(Brotherhood) of Filipino culture & Martial Arts.

The new name was originated to bring out the broad range of arts being

demonstrated a brake up of the former Samahan Ng Arnis demo group was

self evident.


Today, Mr. Eddie Lastra has allocated most of his time to his Arnis

school and nationwide seminars in the spreading of Lastra-Sayas Arnis.

For the new group who have participate in demonstrations throughout

the West Coast Bay Area (Solano County Fair - International day,

Pistahan Festival - Filipino Month San Francisco, TNT Theater -

San Francisco, Teachers / Professors and Educators - Mission High S.F.)

The Kapatiran has 12 practicing members who are well on their way

in developing other future Escrimadors to perpetuate the Filipino

Cultural Arts.