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WH40K Campaign

WH40K Battles as a part of a large campaign. Not just the usual 'narrative campaign', but a whole new game in itself.
I am working on a computer game (with play by e-mail option) to handle the campaign (the battles can then be fought as WH40K battles). The implementation is finished, and the program is available for download NOW!.

Look at the campaign rules and the computer game (incl. download) here:

W40K Campaign

Other rules for campaigns includes Mageworks Big Campaign, Tunney & James' campaign and The Corribra Campaign.

Battle Report
A full battle report, including tactical maps. The Imperial Guard is attacked by the Eldar:

Battle Report

Chapter Approved

Chapter Approved are new rules from Games Workshop. They are official and can thus be used in any battle, without the need for your opponents approval.
They are published in White Dwarf, and can be seen at: The Maelstrom

Armybuilder Page

WH40K Datafile


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