The Agusan-Surigao Historical Archive

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Welcome to my website, which is dedicated to the great people of Butuan, Agusan and Surigao, Philippines or what is now referred to as Caraga.

Since I was a kid, I have always been interested in history, especially in this part of Mindanao where I was born and where my forefathers hailed, but circumstances has not allowed me to pursue this passion except through reading historical accounts. The world wide web however has offerred an opportunity for me to pursue this interest in history.

This website is intended to be a repository of historical accounts, documents, photographs, stories, and writings about the provinces and cities in Agusan and Surigao. As a starter, I have collected and posted in this archive some writings about the provinces, cities, and municipalities in Caraga which were written by historians and non-historians alike. You can be a part in enriching the Agusan-Surigao Archive by sending your stories. Contributions to this archive in the form of historical accounts/information and photos will be acknowledged and will greatly be appreciated. Please e-mail them to me at or call me at Tel. No. (085) 342-9493 or (085) 815-1356, Butuan City, Philippines.