Third New Jersey Volunteers

Containing a plain and easy INTRODUCTION of the REGIMENT; to which is added HISTORY, INFANTRY, RECRUITING INFORMATION, &c., with explanatory remarks; also, MUSIC OF THE REGIMENT, performed by instruments as used in the U.S. Army, and PHOTOGRAPHS, taken upon the field of duty.

Rally 'Round the Colors

The Battle Cry, Newsletter of the Third Regiment, New Jersey Volunteer Infantry

A Guide to Creating A First Rate, First Person Impression

Calendar of Events for the Current Year in Service

The Third N.J. constituted one of the Four Regiments composing what was generally know as the "First Brigade, New Jersey Volunteers". The Regiment trained at Fort Olden, Trenton, N.J. until it left the state in June of 1861.
Throughout the course of the Civil War, the Third New Jersey participated in up to fifty-four engagements from Bull Rull to Appomattox Court House. During most of that time, The Regiment was attached to the First Division of the Sixth Corps. Today, the 3rd N.J. is recreated by over eighty re-enactors from all over the state. Accurate impressions and portrayals of soldiers, civilians and musicians greatly contribute to the authenticity. The unit takes part in dozens of re-enactments each year, including it's own at Monmouth Battefield, N.J. each fall.

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