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giddee-giddee, Abrus precatorius

urrgurrg (uk -)
urryimarr (ug -)
nhiichi (yuku -)
in Uw Oykangand
in Uw Olkola
in Pakanh

Giddee-giddee, Abrus precatorius

Giddee-giddee beads, Kowanyama Land and Natural Resources Management Office, Sun Mar 16, 1997 [PH]. The Australian fifty cent coin, approximately 32 mm in diameter, allows for an approximation of size.

Giddee-giddee trees are most important for their beads which grow in pods. The beads are bright red and are important for ornamental purposes in traditional industry. Beads from this plant are used for decorating giddee-giddee bead pendants, firestick covers and woomeras.

In Uw Oykangand, Uw Olkola and Pakanh the same name is used for this tree and the fish poison tree, Acacia ditricha. The reason for this is that both have bright red beads with a black spot.

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