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old man banksia, Banksia dentata

abu (ug -)
thapu (yuku -)
in Uw Olkola
in Pakanh

Old man banksia, Banksia dentata

The old man banksia, also known as the tropical banksia, Banksia dentata (family Proteaceae), is a scraggly tree with stiff oblong tooth-margined leaves. It has a prominent yellow flower spike during the flowering season (during the wet). It occurs on open woodland.

This tree's nectar popular with many birds such as the blue-eyed honeyeater and the rainbow lorikeet. It is also taken by flying-foxes and sugarbag bees. For more information on plant food and the traditional subsistence of Aboriginal people in central Cape York Peninsula, see the Edible plant products page.

In all three languages this banksia goes by the same name as the ghost wattle, Acacia platycarpa.

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