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cabbage gum, Eucalyptus confertiflora

arrkar (uk -)
arrgar (ug -)
purrkuchi (yuku -)
in Uw Oykangand
in Uw Olkola
in Pakanh

Cabbage gum, Eucalyptus confertiflora

The cabbage gum, Eucalyptus confertiflora (family Myrtaceae), is a medium-sized tree of open woodlands. The lower trunk has scaly, grey, finely tesselated bark. This changes abruptly (as is clear in the accompanying image) to smooth, light bark above.

This tree produces showy displays of cream coloured flowers, coming out late in the dry season. The leaves are large, opposite, hairy.

The leaves of this tree are used as a fish poison. See the Plant usage page for more information on the uses of plant products in traditional industry.

In Uw Olkola, Uw Oykangand and Pakanh this tree has the same name as ghost gum, Eucalyptus papuana.

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