beach hibiscus or cottonwood, Hibiscus tiliaceus

agonyj (uk -, alk -)
akonyj (ug -, alg -)
in Uw Oykangand
in Uw Olkola

Hibiscus tiliaceus, Pormpuraaw, NQ [PH]

The cottonwood or beach hibiscus, Hibiscus tiliaceus (family Malvaceae), is a coastal tree with a spreading crown found on sand dunes and ridges above the beach, associated with mangroves, or sometimes around freshwater streams in low country. It has heart-shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers.

This tree is very important in material culture. Its wood is used for making spears (for this reason it may take the "spear" classifier alk-/alg-) and woomeras. Its wood is also used for firesticks. See the Plant usage page for more information on the uses of plant products in traditional industry.

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