Leichhardt tree, Nauclea orientalis

atulwanyj (uk -)
oboy (uk -)
atulganyj (ug -)
opoy (ug -)
kaapi (yuku -)
kalpi (yuku -)
in Uw Oykangand
in Uw Ilbmbanhdhiy (Uw Oykangand)
in Uw Olkola
in Uw Ilbmbanhdhiy (Uw Olkola)
in Pakanh
in Pakanh

The Leichhardt tree, Nauclea orientalis (family Rubiaceae), is a large fruit-bearing tree with large glossy leaves often found in gallery rainforest along the major rivers in the interior of the Peninsula, or at least near rivers. It has yellow and white flowers.

The fruit is edible but bitter tasting. For more information on plant food and the traditional subsistence of Aboriginal people in central Cape York Peninsula, see the Edible plant products page.

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